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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


Esu, I would like further conversations on paper. I feel, once again, that the treading water phase has happened. Gaia says she's in labor. We've had more messages warning the dark not to continue. Has anything changed?
Jess, let's talk. Much has changed that you can't see. Political upheavals are about ready to occur. I know you don't like to hear such potential pronouncements, but movements are taking place that will bring about changes. This undercurrent of dissatisfaction and rebellion even is gaining momentum all over the world. We are helping this upset happen. We do this by active involvement and by steering the flow of information that the mass public is seeing. There is a strong voice of disinformation, that is true, but we are helping to shape the revelations that are undermining what has been manipulated earlier.
This is one area of where we are intervening in current affairs. We also are actively monitoring the Earth's movements and energy flow. Gaia's physical form is breaking apart, and we are helping to moderate the intensity of what has to happen to relieve the stress. We do this to protect as many inhabitants as we can. We prefer not to have a massive disaster, if we can help it, by shifting some of the pressure points that are most threatening. You can watch the earthquake sites and see the great increase in frequency and intensity that is happening. Helping the pressure move around is what is maintaining some stability.
We haven't talked about the Wave much lately. The energy from Source is continuing to reach out to Earth, and the increase in frequency it is causing is having an effect on people's attitudes and actions. This increased energy is one factor that is causing other issues to happen. People's physical systems have to retune to this higher frequency, and this speeding up is causing them to change. Those who can't adapt to this higher energy will collapse. This is similar to what is happening with Earth's shell. The inadaptable physical manifestation is the outworking of flawed energy patterns; the problems that are visible are the products of the imbalances that the system has incorporated. New balances and energy patterns can't exist within the old shapes.
Realize that this process of closure and change is complicated and more involved than you can possibly imagine. Think of how difficult your life is to negotiate, and multiply that by the total population of the world. The population is also integrated with all of Earth's systems, and it is impossible to focus on one area to the exclusion of the others. All is interrelated, and Christ Michael Aton is overseeing everything because everything is an extension of him. We are making continual progress, but the complexity of the project is immense. We actually do have timelines and checklists to work from, and Source has established a final point that we are working toward. This progress is not random or sporadic; we have specific parameters we are working within.
But it seems that way to you because of the complexity of what we are working with. You on Earth still have a linear perception of a sequence of events leading to an end result. The process we are working with is more like creating a mosaic of thousands of fragments that all have to be in place before the picture is completed.
I tell you to look for balance and be conscious of how you all relate to each other. What appears to be reality is your interpretation of the interplay between energy streams. Each person views his or her situation through their own perspectives. It is finally you that defines what you see. Your sense of definition is refined by experience and affirmation from Christ Michael Aton that what you perceive is, in fact, what is true. Once you have this awareness, then you create yourself with assurance to shape your existence. When you shape your circumstances with awareness, you connect energy streams with balance and harmony.
I won't tell you a schedule since the progress is made through a myriad of changes that seemingly aren't related. However, the nearness to the finish is indicated by the ever increasing revelations and physical turmoil. These occurrences are related. The energy released by one affects the stability of the other. The imbalance that results triggers further shifting in other places or in other ways. Be aware that many levels of concerns are being watched, and many elements of resolution and closure are happening. Prepare for a break through when you least expect it. As we have told you many times, the end will come like a thief in the night. You won't know until it happens. Be ready to move into action when you must.

Through Jess Anthony



"Greetings, Beloved Family! This is a time in your history/herstory where, no matter what country you reside in, there is a worldwide focus upon war, that is, upon remembering those who fought and left their human bodies upon some battlefield or other. There is much talk about honor, patriotism and sacrifice, and it is to remember that these honored ones fought with those concepts in their Hearts. They were told by their rulers that they were defending their countries and families, or that they would become richer in some way if they conquered another land. And, in many cases, indeed their lands had been invaded, or their rights and freedoms had been usurped, but this was all calculated to manipulate them into going into battle.
"Well, of course you all know the truth behind the glowing exhortations and expressions of togetherness in the bunkers. This is not to disparage the military commanders, who were following the orders given to them. This is simply a reflection back to society of where Planet Earth has been in its consciousness. Greed has been the motivation behind the bloody scenes, and fear has played a predominant role in the race to arms.
"Beloved Family, you all know the war stories - indeed, many of you have participated in the most recent wars, and you have all been present on one or more battlefields in other lifetimes if not in this one! And you have done so with the most honorable of intentions, with the purest of Love for your homelands and families. And you have all sacrificed in some way, whether you bear the physical scars of war or not. So, be proud of your intentions when you served, as we salute you and honor you for your braveries. Now is the time to remember the greatest wisdom of war, which is that Peace is the only true and lasting answer!
"Thus we honor you in this today of your time as Warriors of Peace, for it is to secure the 'Peace That Passeth All Understanding' which is the foundation of the mission we all share. It is to march together to show the way of the truly free and sovereign lifestyle, by personal example, and by teaching others as they begin to understand the true reasons that wars have been fought, and to question those who are directing those activities from way, way behind the scenes.
"This is not a call to arms, but rather a call to Hearts, and you, Beloved Family, stand with us on the front line of this mission! Now, as we near the 'finish line' -the ending of all wars upon this ascending Planet - let us come together to co-create an even higher level of Peace Consciousness. We shall reach out from the highest levels yet, as we join together in an Exercise for Peace, and we shall turn up the Lights even more as we feel the Great Peace on Earth throughout our fields of energy!!! Salut!"

Given through Susan Leland, May 30, 2011.


Acting as a Warrior of Light to Shape the Reality of the Earth by KING ARTHUR and LORD MERLIN

We step forward with great reverence and respect for you who exists on the physical planes of the Earth. We wish to honour the purpose and task that you have accepted by being upon the Earth in this period of the humanity’s spiritual growth. You may not truly understand your purpose on the Earth but it is important for you to gain the understanding that there are many important reasons why you are on the Earth and so your soul will hold many purposes. We wish to share with you one
purpose which you can allow to come into fruition within your reality to aid your own spiritual growth, to help transform the Earth and support the development of humanity. We wish for you to act as warriors of light upon the Earth. We are aware that many have spoken before about becoming a warrior of light, spreading love and courageously anchoring light into darkness. We now wish for you to truly become an active warrior of light.

A warrior is often seen as a fighter or solider, while we do not wish for you to use violence or to go against others we are asking you to take on the purest intent of a warrior, which is a strong and powerful focus that is performed actively. A solider
or a warrior has clear understanding before they enter into battle, they understand the outcome which is needed, they are also aware of the many ways in which they can achieve their ideal as well as holding a strong determination to bring their vision, focus or intent into fruition. As beings of light upon the Earth you also need to have a clear plan or intent of what is needed to heal and transform the Earth and it humanity. There is a need for you to create a plan or intent of healing or
transferring light, then actively acting out your plan with courage and confidence, knowing that you will be supported and encouraged by your guides.

We are communicating with you today because we represent the energy of determination, courage and active fruition which is the energy of King Arthur as well as the energy of manifestation, healing, magic, profound light and wise knowledge which is the presence of Lord Merlin. Our energies are connected strongly and we both hold the desire to be of service to the Creator and humanity. We are both warriors of light as we hold the light of the Creator in our hearts and radiate it brightly for all to see. We are not fearful of emanating the powerful and loving light of the Creator in the presence of others, we understand that it can be difficult to share the truth of your being but we also wish to help you to understand that we are
here to offer you courage. The only way that you will begin to see the presence of the Creator’s truth on the Earth is if people actively and courageously radiate the truth, light and energy of their being throughout their day and reality. A warrior
of light is a soul who is willing to be courageous allowing their truth and light to unfold free from fear. If you imagine for a moment a warrior entering into battle, they would have to program their mind to understand what needed to be achieved, to be prepared to actively bring the plan into fruition and to renounce all fears otherwise this would hinder their purpose or work as a warrior. Let yourself imagine yourself as a warrior of love and light, you are standing in the centre of your reality,
you are able to understand your reality with ease while holding the courage to radiate your light, love and truth. As you do so you understand what you wish to achieve to assist the Earth, how you wish your reality to manifest or how you wish to be of service. You can see your loving intent within your mind, with more focus and acceptance you are able to feel the loving intent flowing throughout your entire being and reality. With your intent your purpose has the potential to manifest; it is supported by your own energy and light. In order to truly manifest your intent you can allow yourself to let go of all fears, see them as unneeded and unwanted energies, then allow yourself to take a step which will create an active energy or an active intent. This can be the smallest of actions or reactions, it is simply something physical, whether it is speaking, walking, asking, making, drawing, attracting, reading, writing, singing, dancing, researching, connecting, listening or thinking. It is an action that takes the intention a step further or anchors it with deeper meaning into your reality. It is this purpose that allows you to become a warrior of light and love on the Earth because you are taking greater responsibility for yourself, your own reality and the Earth.

We now wish to share with you an intent and active manifestation that we believe is your purpose now on the Earth. We ask only that you are open to our words but if you feel that our suggestion is appropriate for you or you feel a calling in your heart we would be deeply honoured to work with you. We, King Arthur and Lord Merlin believe that now is the time for many to step into their role and purpose of a spiritual warrior of love and light on the Earth. We believe that the Earth constantly
requires light and energy to enter into its structure as well as into the beings of humanity. The more light that can be anchored by light workers on the Earth, the more we will see the truth and transformational energies of the Creator on the
physical planes. Remember that the transition occurring on the Earth is led and created by humanity, we as guides are simply acting as our label describes, we are guiding and supporting you. It is our belief that if each person enters into their
heart or soul space, discovering their purest and clearest intent for the Earth as an entirety, manifesting or anchoring it into the Earth as a vibration of light and energy, this would create a tremendous shift in the consciousness of humanity and the energy that has been created by the human mind that exists within and around the Earth. We are asking you to adopt the mindset of a warrior, creating an intent, to understand and acknowledge the intent, to then bring it into fruition through
physical activity and to renounce all fears that may be holding you back. Let us guide you further in this matter.

Let yourself sit peacefully in a space where you feel safe and comfortable.

Call upon the active protection of Archangel Michael to surround you.

Call upon King Arthur and Lord Merlin’s energies of determination, courage, active fruition, manifestation, healing, magic, profound light and wise knowledge to lovingly surround your entire being.

Ask King Arthur and Lord Merlin to allow you to connect with the warrior of light and love energy within you, letting it radiate as its purest form with the intent of being of loving service to the Earth.

Ask King Arthur and Lord Merlin to assist you in emanating the truth, love and wisdom of the Creator from within your being.

As the light radiates from your being ask that you are lead deep within your being to the very core of this truthful and loving energy of the Creator which exists within your being.

Ask the truth and light of your being to share with you your purest, highest and clearest intent for the Earth now. This is how you wish the Earth to exist, what you wish people to feel, how you see the development of humanity as spiritual beings. It
need only be a vision, word or knowingness.Something simple can express so much. This intent doesn’t come from you as the personality but you as the Creator and
soul, so it may not be the intent that you expected.

Hold your focus on the intent and allow its energy to develop and expand to surround you completely, let it flow beyond you and your reality.

Simply say to yourself out loud that you renounce and let go of all fears that you or any other may create that would hinder the manifestation of this pure intent. Breathe deeply and watch the power of the intent grow as fears fall away.

When you are ready you can ask or contemplate ways in which you could assist the manifestation of your intent. You are creating a focus and a plan in order to manifest a greater reality. You are taking steps of achievement and are being of
assistance to others.

A way of manifesting or anchoring your intent more fully is to draw a picture, create a painting or even just a sketch of your intent. You can simply write a word on a piece of paper, already you are giving the intent a physical form.

Once you have completed this, take the paper outside and place it on the floor, it is preferable that the paper is placed on nature land.

Then, either stand beside the paper or sit near it and extend your palm chakras so that they face the paper and are above the paper.

Imagine once more the energy of the intent within your being, let it build and radiate to flow from your being and to flow from your hands into the paper. You are sending the energy intent from your being up into the spiritual dimensions and energies as well as to the heart of the Creator. As the energy of the intent flows from your hands you are sending the intent into the Earth for physical manifestation and anchoring.

Say out loud, ‘If it is the divine will of the Creator that my intent manifests upon the Earth I ask all beings of love to add their energy and let everything flow with synchronicity and ease to allow the fruition of this sacred intent from my heart and soul. Let it be as the Creator guides.’

Then enjoy the process of energies flowing and actively working through and around you for as long as it feels appropriate.

This is one example of bringing an intent into fruition and acting as a warrior of love and light but we feel that this practice is essential now on the Earth because it will mean that humanity is taking responsibility for the reality in which they wish to exist. If you imagine all the people who also create an intent for the Earth, some of these intents will be the same and this will create a powerful energy of fruition and manifestation. You now have thpower to shape your reality. You may even find that your intent manifests into your own reality and creates positive changes. For example, if you held the intent of love, you may find that you experience more love in your reality. The understanding of becoming a warrior of light, holding an intent,
releasing all fears and create active energies to aid manifestation can be used in your daily life to assist and support your own spiritual development. If using the same practice for your own reality you could still create a picture but send the energy of the intention from within your being into the picture, the Earth and the heavens but only within your reality. You wouldn’t need to be in nature land but could practice it in your home as this is more personal to you.

Please know and remember that we are here to lend our energy, to share our courage and power and to add our inspiration if you so wish. With respect and reverence,

King Arthur and Lord Merlin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-16/05/11