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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011



For the bird in mid-ocean, flying over the deep, blue waters, the only resting place is the mast of a ship sailing in those waters. In the same way, the Lord is the only refuge for the man who is tossed about in the stormy seas of this world. However far the bird may fly, it knows where it can find rest; that knowledge gives it confidence. The Name of the Lord is like that mast; remember it always, associate it with the Form and have that Form fixed in the mind's eye. It is a lamp shedding light in the recesses of your heart. Have the Name on the tongue and it will drive away the inner darkness as well as the outer.


miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011


I am Christ Michael of Nebadon, your Sovereign,

On this very day, only long time ago for you, a remarkable proces took place. My incarnation together with my Beloved Esu brought forth the end of the dark and the beginning of the dawn of Light and some of you stood by our side as you might and will remember now.

These 2000 years came and went by as only an instant in our vivid memory.

Promises were made, missions explained, intentions declared. Now is the time indeed to make good on all of those and come forth and stand tall in the Light. As other scribes declared, no new words need to be spoken, but examples must be set. The Light of Life that shines brighter than your eyes can take, that radiates through and from your entire being, already Enlightens evey cell and fiber. Your souls rejoice for they are coming Home as WE reunite again.

Make way for the Divine Is Marching In. Those who listened heard the drumbeats of the battle song long time ago and are standing tall, not afraid to look up, to Live, to take a breath of fresh air and find themselves submerged in a bath of Light that encompasses All with Divinity. ' Be still and know that Yea are Gods . '

Come forth and share your memories, your experiences for indeed the time is now. Join hearts and minds and Spirits Within to the benefit and Highest Purpose of All involved, as said before. With your armor strong, you have nothing to fear. Fear not but TRUST the Inner Light, proclaim the TRUTH and usher in our Marching In and Through for Keep Marching in Service, WE shall do together forever.

My Warriors of Light, I embrace you All with Love.

I am CMAton of Nebadon.

Candace: I am personally "watching", the edges of the wave is here. Not sure when or how it will be felt yet.

Thru Johan

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

24 th of April 2011- SRI SATHYA SAI BABA

I have come to light the lamp of Love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I have not come on behalf of any exclusive religion. I have not come on a mission of publicity for a sect or creed or cause, nor have I come to collect followers for a doctrine. I have no plan to attract disciples or devotees into my fold or any fold. I have come to tell you of this unitary faith, this spiritual principle, this path of Love, this virtue of Love, this duty of Love, this obligation of Love.

4 July 1968, Baba

sábado, 23 de abril de 2011


April 21-28, 2011

Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of Love called bravery. This quality requires the ability to know yourself and to walk your talk, even though those around you just cannot resonate with your truth. Stepping into a whole new way of Being requires immense courage and tremendous faith that what you believe in shall come into manifestation. Most of you reading this discourse have demonstrated this quality of bravery time and time again. It takes bravery to continue on your chosen Path and to stay true to this Path when you are not taken seriously by those around you.

It requires dedication and the following of your intuition, for following intuition is looked upon as a practice that is not based on concrete fact and evidence, as coming from your feeling body rather than from the realms of the mind and logic; nevertheless, those who follow their intuitive promptings can attest to having important guidance that proves to be uncanny in its unerring accuracy in the unfoldment of your Path. In these changing times, it takes much bravery just to awaken in the morning and pull yourselves out of bed to begin a new day. Brave it is to do so and to then take on your Earthly roles at the same time as your role of anchoring the Greater Light into the Earth.

This Earth is peopled by Souls who are the bravest of the brave for stepping forth when asked to come forward and step into the most challenging of circumstances ever to befall an Ascending Planet. It requires many skills, talents and abilities for you to weave opposing forces together into a Unity consciousness. It is not easy, we know, and your bravery in the face of all the odds that have been pitted against you is the stuff of legends throughout the Universe. At the core of your bravery lies the most powerful force in the Universe and that is the power of your Love, Love for the Creator, first and foremost, lives within your hearts with the most deeply ingrained intensity and conviction so that each of you are willing to endure whatever it takes to accomplish what was once considered the impossible. You it is who have known that with God all things are possible and so it is.

This quality of bravery is one that will continue to be brought forth again and again in the coming days and it is this quality of bravery that is depended upon in the Heaven Realms. It takes bravery for one to step into their power and their Light and open it to the rest of the World, for this can be frightening for those of you who have never felt the need for the spotlight, or notoriety or fame of their person, for in this day and age, what this stepping forth in this way means is the opening up of your sense of privacy to the scrutiny of the entire World where all is known and sent from one place to another in a nanosecond. This requires bravery to overcome deep seated fears of reprisals and persecutions, for this is what has been experienced by most of you in times past. To radiate your Light and anchor it into the Earth is one thing but to announce it to the World at large is quite another. We salute those of you who have overcome this great barrier to the shining forth of your true selves.

It is now the time to shine forth your Light and be the shining example for the rest of the World. By doing this, you move through old paradigms and help all incarnated Souls to do the same, encouraging them to also set asunder all that no longer works and choose only that which serves their greater good and the greater good of all. By your bravery you encourage others to find new solutions, new ways of interacting with each other, new ways of thinking, being and doing. By your works, they shall know you, Beloved Ones.

I leave you now to ponder on these words.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

Thru Marlene Swetlishoff


Early last week I faintly heard these words one morning at dawn:"Hearken! It is high time to release the wounds of the purification process".

I remember thinking to myself in that hazy pre-wake state…"wow, wouldn't that be nice." Then I woke up. I lazily oriented myself to my surroundings, noticed the usual heavy feelings of cellular detoxification accompanied by the same ole aches and pains, and quickly fell back to sleep thinking…"as if."

A few days later I sat down to type this message from the unseens:

"It is high time for the path-pavers of new-humanity to release the wounds of the purification process. When you permit yourself to release the remaining struggle, you create the space required for a new reality to be birthed."

They meant business.

Still More Letting Go

For those of you on the front line...the 1st infantry division... I don't have to tell you that its been nothing but a (conscious) struggle since 2001. Granted, not everyone has had the same planetary ascension J-O-B...we are scattered all over the world with different missions of service...but this particular group of spiritual soldiers has been responsible for, among other things, clearing (thru their own lives and bodies) the genetic (karmic) miasms of various familial, cultural, racial, sexual, gender, religious, spiritual & new age collectives.

This group willingly submerged themselves in the densest energies of polarity (separation) with the sole task of finding their way back to neutrality (oneness) and along the way have been purifying these lineages, in some cases, since birth.

These starseed mercenaries have been fighting, climbing and swimming upstream against a myriad of indoctrinated be-lie-f structures for so long that many have built (necessary) walls of protection and created callouses from condemnation, societal/familial backlash, harassment, and even modern-day persecution from those steeped so deeply in convention.

This group is the A-team, the next generation of leaders, and tho recognition may never come for the dedication, sacrifice and service to this planet and her people, no matter...validation is not what this soul group is after. This tribe is wired for one thing and one thing only: FREEdom...and with that comes the understanding, based on enormous personal challenge, that the only real reward in life is deliverance from fear.

Which brings us to the next level of letting go...

Part of the ongoing ascent in consciousness is the realization that we cannot get stuck in any phase of growth or purpose...including and especially the "spiritual phase". We must continually move onward and upward without overly-identifying or latching onto any process, role, or be-lie-f structure. The minute we attach to anything we lose our freedom and stifle our creative power.

The point of conscious co-creation is to live in the create our every next moment from the moment that preceded it. The ascension "process" teaches us that we are not here to own or hold experiences, but to fluidly move thru them so as to continually embrace the next experience...and the next, and the next. The same holds true for those front line warriors here to dismantle the old paradigm. The fighting phase is over...time to put down the swords, remove the armor and align with the next leg of the journey.

Many of us, and this group in particular, are now in the "process" of merging our lower four-body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) with our higher self, or divine blueprint ...which will, by default, magnetize a whole new perceptual and physical reality...but only when we are willing to let go of the fighting phase.

The energies of this month in particular, but especially since the 9th wave activation, have been helping us to slowly let our guards down and feel safe enuf to be true so we can boldly & confidently take our next steps into the unknown. During the first three weeks of April we have all been tested, in one profound way or another, to see if we can be held accountable for our choice to really let go...not only of struggle, but of all past programming which will enable us to fully release our pain-body.

Releasing Resistance

April has been asking us to make the final choice to tune-out of the old frequency of pain, fear and struggle so we can fully tune-into the new frequency of grace. It's not as if our doubt, or focus on our pain will inhibit the birth of the new, its just that we risk overlooking the subtle emergence of ease if we continue to be-lie-ve that what we truly desire cannot be true. In other words…as we step into the second half of this year and begin to apply ourselves in more physical ways, any continual focus on struggle or resistance to what-is, will greatly hinder us and revive unnecessary suffering in the coming days, weeks & months of rapid expansion.

This isn't to say that we must ignore, avoid or repress the discomfort we feel... the discomfort is real. The baggage we need to dump here is theresistance to the discomfort…that which creates suffering. This is just another fancy way of saying "presence" or "neutrality"…and the unseens are hammering in my brain that its time now, rather, now we have the support to step fully into ourselves and that means letting go of any remaining attachments...including the ascension horrors...I mean, process.

NOTE: Just to be clear…especially for those who wish I would glaze over the goo… I definitely use humor & irreverence as a way to punch holes thru the veil…to remind us in our darkest moments that life is still a game, even when it sucks…but mostly, to help us continually detach from the "process", not to dwell upon it. When we can dig up our self-created goo and laugh at the horror of it all, we are less than an inch away from moving beyond it pays to poke fun at ourselves. And the reason humor is my drug of choice is because laughing is the most powerful form of presence, of alignment, of transcendence, that I have yet to experience in this life. As someone who has spent many, many years sitting in my own sticky goo, I assure you that a light-heart-ed approach to such a heavy journey will yield more powerful results than any reverence or prayer ever could.

Transition Zone

I mentioned in the last energy update that this month was a demarcation point…it is actually a transition zone and THE month to make our choices fully align ourselves with our new, true direction…to bring ourselves completely out of the past and immerse ourselves fully in the present, so we can co-create our future. This period has been bizarre at best... mostly because, but not limited to the fact that we are experiencing two opposing realities at once.

Its the same old foot in both worlds scenario...where we have access to the old and the new simultaneously...but on steroids. You know you are on the cusp of a major breakthru if you are sitting somewhere in the middle of two very conflicting you may be feeling worried, yet at peace…excited, yet calm…doubtful, yet full of hope…isolated, but connected…sick, but well…chaotic, yet balanced…bored, but inspired.

Its a total mind trip but because we're in the passage of crossing over...we're actually coming full circle where the end and beginning meet each other... where death is really rebirth...and we can absolutely feel both at once.

This phase mimics physical death in so many ways and during the month of March, I had the privilege to experience this first hand while helping to care for my great Aunt during her physical transition to the "other-side". Not only was I called to be a caretaker, but I was also asked on a higher level to serve as an ambassador of unconditional love... to stand in as an anchor and help to hold a sacred space for her complete act as a midwife to her re-birth and finally, on the last day, to act as an usher or "transition guide" to help her cross over on her graduation day.

I could go on for days about the ways in which this amazing experience changed me, but what really struck a chord with me was the clear reflection I saw of each and every one of us on this journey of rebirth...the inner-strength we all must tap into as we learn to let go of layer after layer of attachment so that our true selves can emerge and shine in the physical world.

As I watched all attachments fall from my aunt's grasp I realized that I was being gifted with the opportunity to witness this beautiful soul surrender a lifetime of idiosyncrasies...before my eyes. All the walls of protection that we use to safeguard our hearts melted away in her frailty & fatigue...and in the end, all that was left was the pureness, the soft yet overwhelmingly powerful radiance of love within her...that same inner-beauty that fought for an entire lifetime to reveal itself fully.

More than anything, my aunt's transition represented to me the outer-manifestation of such a long inward journey. For her, the journey was a lifetime. For many of us, the journey was roughly 354 lifetimes condensed into 12 years minus the compression of time which equals just slightly more than 15 minutes on the new earth clock.

What Next?

April has been been no walk in the park by any standards, but if you embraced the inward process of review fully, you may suddenly be spellbound by the amount of growth, awareness, and insights that came oozing out of this Mercury retrograde period. We still have a few days left in its wake, (and we are still in need of self-nurturing) but the great messenger offered us some huge chunks of potentially life-changing information along the way. Those vital pieces to our cosmic puzzles that we have been waiting a very long time for may have made their way to your front door this month…those same pieces that will finally enable us to move forward and apply ourselves in a whole and complete way.

These new pieces of information that we are now integrating will serve as the boarding passes to our new lives…those material manifestations required to blast off into our new directions with our new (higher-level) purpose. By the time Mercury goes direct on Saturday, we will be prepared to take our next steps…those steps that are now aligned with our inner and outer selves…and forward movement will commence again, albeit at a completely new level. Collectively, we are stepping into a new level of human potential…one that is multidimensional, masculine/feminine integrated, and with new (cosmic) awareness that leads us to do new things in new ways...ways that are fully aligned with our authentic (core) selves.

"Realize that there is no more separation between who you are and who you want to be." -Pleiadians

Our willingness to just BE our true selves is all that is/was ever required to shift…and this transition into our most authentic selves is happening right now, with or without our participation.

"What we will leave you with is this: NOW is the only time you ever need to be free... yet, and before you lash out in frustration, realize that it took each of you and the collective of humanity until NOW, to integrate this truth. So, essentially, NOW you can freely use every NOW moment to be free! As you accumulate these NOW moments, you live life in an effortless flow of NOW-ness". -The Seven Sisters of Pleiades

To reemergence!


viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

SaLuSa, 22-04-2011. Think twice before you blow your top..

Think twice before you blow your top..Keep on keeping on and do not let down your guard. The dark Ones may have lost the battle, but their influences still remain and will attach to any soul that is open and not quite of the Light.

Now that you have grasped the fact that you wield immense power, we see the beginnings of many movements that will set you on course for changes in the way in which you are governed. 

The authorities have long been scared of your collective intent to get things done as you desire. 

That has been evident for many, many years, as even peaceful demonstrations have been stopped. 

Today you have finally concluded that unless you take action yourselves, you are unlikely to see the fulfillment of your demands. 

Peace has been high on your agenda for such a long time, but ignored by the dark Ones who use wars to hold you back. 

Now that your patience has reached the end, the levels of consciousness are such that the energy is stirring people who are reaching breaking point. 

Something must happen very soon, and our backing will be behind you as the end of all wars and hostilities must take place. 

There is no place in the future for such low energies, and certainly not in the higher vibrations, and the truth is that they cannot exist within them. 

With the monies and energy wasted upon wars, you could instead have had a happy and contented world full of people living in safety and sharing its wealth. 

That experience will soon become your reality, as the cleansing removes the lower energies that have fed the monster of war.

Humans are prone to emotional outbursts, but their natural state of being is one of peaceful co-existence. 

It is the dark Ones that have perpetuated a state of separateness and divided the people against each other. 

Now you are realizing how you have been fooled for eons of time, and have realized that enemies have been made where none have existed previously. 

At your levels you have taken the initiative and are “mending fences”, and worldwide travel has opened your eyes to how easy it is to get on with each other. 

Tolerance of your differences has overcome barriers created by cultural differences and religious beliefs. 

For many judgement has been set aside, particularly where they realize that through repeated incarnations they have experienced life in many different countries. 

Dear Ones, what is it but life’s opportunities to enable a coming together of all people, as they realize the Oneness of everything. As individuals you cannot take a quantum leap into the higher dimensions unless you have overcame prejudice and judgement, and can hold others in the Love and Light.

Ascension is not a give-away, but something that is earnt through your application of Universal Laws. 

With it comes a refining of your energies, and you are finally ready to leave vibrational levels that no longer fulfill your needs. 

It is a natural progression that comes to those who seek upliftment, sensing that the Earth is not their true home. 

Indeed, you might ask who’s home is it, as each of you originally came from the higher levels. In the 3rd.. dimension Mother Earth is your temporary home for the duration of this cycle, which as you know is about to end. 

Many will stay with Mother Earth after Ascension, whilst others will meet their real families again. They come from many civilizations scattered throughout the Universe. 

You will find them within the Galactic Federation, and often they are the very same ones that have had a hand in your evolution. 

So you will see that we are far from being strangers to you.

Do you realize that you are influenced by your Space links, and that subconsciously for example you copy hair coloring like red and green that is not naturally found on Earth.

The same applies to skin colors, fashion and even music. 

You are a real mix of various Space Beings, who have clearly influenced your taste.

When we have reached the stage when you can accept different types of Beings, you will be quite intrigued by their appearance. 

Bear in mind that the different shapes and sizes are sometimes the direct result of factors such as gravity. 

As it happens, you are very similar indeed to many Space Beings, although there is a tendency for them to be somewhat taller. 

Some can be defined as male and female, but not in a truly physical sense as you understand it. In fact it is not unusual for the Higher Beings to be androgynous. 

It will be wonderful when you meet your Space Friends, and one of the most striking aspects for you will be the sense of love that they give out. 

It is very real and they are most likely those who have achieved Christ Consciousness.

Whatever sacrifices you feel you are making now, be assured that every little bit will be well worth it. 

You stand so near to ascending, and in but a blink of the eye it will suddenly be upon you. 

We would say it will be far better than you imagine, and the speed of the changes will be remarkable. 

We want to get the cleansing of Earth out of the way, and concentrate on getting you ready for Ascension. 

We know you tire of waiting but most of you are here especially for this particular time, and agreed to partake in Light work to help others to ascend. 

Many are healers, but you are required at all different levels so that you are in the right place at the right time to offer help. 

Why else would you come to Earth at such a memorable time, if not to be part of the exciting changes ahead. 

You have so much experience and talents to give others, and be sure you are known and will be used. 

If you are not yet called to serve, bide your time as you will not miss your opportunity to do so. 

It really is reaching an “all hands on deck” situation. 

Every contribution helps, and remember each of you are unique and no one can do exactly what you do.

Keep on keeping on and do not let down your guard. The dark Ones may have lost the battle, but their influences still remain and will attach to any soul that is open and not quite of the Light. 

Anger is still a very harmful energy and you would do well not to damage your auric field, by allowing it to spiral out of control. 

Emotional control is not usually a human strong point, and needs taking into check. 

Think twice before you blow your top, and know that it harms you as well as anyone else. 

Walk away from confrontation and you are not being cowardly, but playing down any chance of it becoming serious. 

Better still pour your love out to suffuse any chance of negative energies turning nasty. 

The beauty of having such a sense of occasion is that your work is carried out without drawing attention to yourself.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is so pleasing to be able to address you in a way that is friendly and informal. I Bless you All with the Light of Love.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.


Ashtar's Peace Exercise - Addressed to Mother Gaia

"Beloved Ones, just close your eyes now and breathe. And we shall visit with Mother Gaia in communion of hearts and minds. And let us join hands around Mother Gaia, and encircle Her with our great Love, and our great appreciation that She is our Home, our Mother, Planet Earth. And let us in our mind's eye see the most beautiful gardens, gloriously healthy and pristine, free from all toxins. And let us see the waters that run in these gardens - perhaps fish are jumping, or perhaps the wise ancient Koi are there lending their energies of sacredness and ancient knowledge.

"And let us see the paths, perhaps they are crystalline, and let us literally float just above, but nevertheless feeling the wondrous energies of the Crystals as we go lighting and lightening us up even more. Every blade of grass, every flower, every tree is alive. There is a tree with wondrous fruit, and as you approach, it invites you to taste the sweetest, juiciest most delicious fruit you have ever experienced. And there just beyond is a family of Animals - mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and fuzzy, cuddly babies. And they say, 'Do come and hold these babies to your heart, and let them lick your face, and feel the warmth of their Joy.'

"The Sun is shining and these wondrously soft little beings, you can feel their hearts beat as you give them their hugs and cuddlings. And see the great waterfall, and hear the music that it plays as the water splashes upon the rocks. And know that Mother Gaia is everywhere present. So let us hug Mother Gaia, and let us thank Her for the beauty, for the sacred divine beauty which is our Home that She has provided for us all this time.

"And let us say to Mother Gaia, 'Beloved Mother, whatever we have done to dishonor you, to poison you, to harm you in any way, we ask your forgiveness, and we come to you with only Love and appreciation in our hearts, indeed in the totality of our beings. And we ask you to stay with us through our Ascension, and to indeed allow us into your higher realms where the Fairies dance, where the Unicorns prance, where Pegasus, and all of the Beloved Ones with wings join the Dragons in flight, the wondrous Dragons, the ones who are magic indeed.

"And all of the Birds and the flying creatures fly overhead, with tidings of great Joy spread throughout the Planet. And the Dolphins and the Whales rejoice in the seas and they sing their songs and they tell us their stories. And all of the sea creatures gather round, and we hear their singing as well. And all of the beloved Animals, and the Plants of the land join in. And all of the Mineral Kingdom is awake and broadcasting, 'Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, the Golden Age is Now, and we join you, Beloved Ones, in being the keepers of this Peace, and of this divine and sacred time on Planet Earth called the Golden Age.'

"We Love You, Mother Gaia. We serve You with Joy, and we thank you for all of the service that you have given to us so unselfishly, despite all that has been done which has been hurtful to You, and for which we now join together to heal for all time, as we make this promise to You that we stand in service to You. And we shall not stop our efforts to assist You in your necessary healings until it is all done, and we only ask that You continue to be as gentle as You can see to be. And we thank You for your gentleness. And most of all, Mother Gaia, we thank You for your Love. And so it is, Beloved Family. And so it is! Salut!"

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, April 19, 2011


The Flower That Shattered The Stone by John Denver was played after the Peace Exercise and before Mother Gaia's address. (Please note: The remainder of Ashtar's April 19th message will be sent in a later email.)

Mother Gaia's Message

"Beloved Children, it is I, Mother Gaia, and I thank you for your beautiful invitation to be with you. And I want you to know how touched is my heart for your wondrous expressions of Love and Commitment and Service. Sometimes when I look out upon the world and I see so much thoughtless and irresponsible behavior, well children can be that way sometimes, but as Mother, sometimes I do weep. But now you are here and we have just set a whole new timeline, a whole new precedent of oneness and togetherness and I rejoice that this is so! I feel your hearts, Beloved Children, and I call you all my Children because I love you so much, beyond words, as any mother does her child, but I have the Joy of being mother to all upon this Planet Earth. I have been here since the beginning, and I eagerly await your transition into your crystalline bodies because Paradise is waiting for you.

"But we have work to do here in this third dimension, and that work is to restore Paradise, to heal all that is to be healed, and my Children, do not think for one minute that I speak only of my own hurts, I know that many of you have suffered as well. And I rejoice that you have come so far upon your paths that you are healed, or still working on the process, but that you have made such progress in addressing that which you need to do for yourselves. Because the more that you connect with the totality of yourselves, the more you cleanse yourselves, the more you assist others upon the planet and that, of course, assists me. Well you have made commitment to me, and I make commitment to you to continue to be as gentle as I can possibly be during the time that remains for me to do my work of cleansing and healing. And you may know that those who have created situations, or added to, to make situations more destructive, are being, have been and are being, disempowered to doing any more.

"I, Mother Gaia, have respect for every living member of every one of my Kingdoms, and I can assure you when any members of my Kingdom leave their earthly bodies, I welcome them to the higher dimensional Paradise that awaits them, and I invite them to join in service with the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and all of the, what you call the Dwellers of the Realms of Light, in continuing in service to Planet Earth. I have never left. I never shall leave. And as we prepare to make this great Ascension, let us remember to do so with absolute respect for all members of all of my Kingdoms -respect, honor, comforting and all of the Love that we can give to each other and to the Planet.

"And so Beloved Family, I say again, thank you for your beautiful invitation to me to join with you. This is sacred time for us, this is communion time, and I invite you to raise yourselves into the highest vibrations, and to join with me as we continue her service together. I say unto you Bloveds, all is well in all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia! Thank you and Namaste."

Mother Sekhmet

"Well, you heard it here. It is I, Sekhmet. We shall be having a tribute** to Mother Gaia, to Planet Earth, so get your dancing shoes on if you choose. Keep always in your hearts the sacredness of this coming together. And remember, Beloved Ones, it was you who created this grand healing, who joined with us to bring it forth, and it is this Love that we have for each other, and for Mother Gaia and Planet Earth, that lives on, perpetually ongoing on this glorious and divine timeline we have just now co-created! And so it is. Namaste!"

** Celebrate Earth Day by John Denver

Transcription by Deborah Urquhart.

Given through Susan Leland, April 19, 2011.

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Healing words from the Dali Lama

Never Give up
No matter what is going on
Never Give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy is spent developing the mind
instead of the heart
Be compassionate
Work for peace
and I say again
Never Give up
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going on around you
Never Give up

martes, 19 de abril de 2011


Ashtar's Preview of the April 19th Teleconference
Special Guest Speaker - Mother Gaia
"Greetings, Beloved Family! We shall be gathering with you* to celebrate the coming of a most important event during this week on your calendar. 

It is what you call 'Earth Day,' and in honoring the Earth, we shall be communing with Mother Gaia herself. 

This is the moment of opportunity to bring this communion to an entirely new and more powerful level!

"You know that we have joined with you in partnership to lovingly assist Mother Gaia with her necessary shiftings, so as to minimize their destructive impact as much as possible. 

And, you know that the Ashtar Command has been mitigating the damages by cleansing toxins, and by other means. 

What you must realize is that, without the help of you and the Lightworkers thus far, Mother Gaia would have found it necessary to be much more severe in her actions of adjustment, and without your permission, we would not have been able to take actions to diminish the damages thus far!

"Earth is a planet of freewill, and Mother Gaia loves every member of all of her kingdoms.

Thus it is that she has endured the most egregious of insults and assaults upon her body, and her heart has wept at the injuries which have been done to her, both consciously and unconsciously, even as she has allowed them to happen. 

She continues to love even those who have deliberately created or added to her shiftings - we are pleased to report at this moment that we are shutting down those operations, because you have called upon us to do so!

"So, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to unite the consciousness of the world in an ongoing message of Love and Peace for Mother Gaia! Unprecedented because never before has humanity been so awake to her need to cleanse and heal that which has already been done, and to prevent further injuries to her!!! 

We have invited Mother Gaia to join us in our gathering as a most honored and special guest speaker, and we shall co-create a powerful Exercise of Peace and Healing for her, which we shall send throughout her kingdoms and into all realms of time and dimensionality, perpetually and ongoing! 

Thus we shall utilize a 'zero point' perspective to ease her current sufferings, and to give her a new, much more joyful timeline for her now moments yet to come!!!"

"We can already feel the Joy of Mother Gaia as we shower her with our Love, and we feel your Joy as participating co-creators of this Exercise! Thank you for joining us, Beloved Family! Salut!"