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martes, 19 de abril de 2011


Ashtar's Preview of the April 19th Teleconference
Special Guest Speaker - Mother Gaia
"Greetings, Beloved Family! We shall be gathering with you* to celebrate the coming of a most important event during this week on your calendar. 

It is what you call 'Earth Day,' and in honoring the Earth, we shall be communing with Mother Gaia herself. 

This is the moment of opportunity to bring this communion to an entirely new and more powerful level!

"You know that we have joined with you in partnership to lovingly assist Mother Gaia with her necessary shiftings, so as to minimize their destructive impact as much as possible. 

And, you know that the Ashtar Command has been mitigating the damages by cleansing toxins, and by other means. 

What you must realize is that, without the help of you and the Lightworkers thus far, Mother Gaia would have found it necessary to be much more severe in her actions of adjustment, and without your permission, we would not have been able to take actions to diminish the damages thus far!

"Earth is a planet of freewill, and Mother Gaia loves every member of all of her kingdoms.

Thus it is that she has endured the most egregious of insults and assaults upon her body, and her heart has wept at the injuries which have been done to her, both consciously and unconsciously, even as she has allowed them to happen. 

She continues to love even those who have deliberately created or added to her shiftings - we are pleased to report at this moment that we are shutting down those operations, because you have called upon us to do so!

"So, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to unite the consciousness of the world in an ongoing message of Love and Peace for Mother Gaia! Unprecedented because never before has humanity been so awake to her need to cleanse and heal that which has already been done, and to prevent further injuries to her!!! 

We have invited Mother Gaia to join us in our gathering as a most honored and special guest speaker, and we shall co-create a powerful Exercise of Peace and Healing for her, which we shall send throughout her kingdoms and into all realms of time and dimensionality, perpetually and ongoing! 

Thus we shall utilize a 'zero point' perspective to ease her current sufferings, and to give her a new, much more joyful timeline for her now moments yet to come!!!"

"We can already feel the Joy of Mother Gaia as we shower her with our Love, and we feel your Joy as participating co-creators of this Exercise! Thank you for joining us, Beloved Family! Salut!"

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