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miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

LADY KWAN YIN - Giving compassion

To all sacred light jewels upon the Earth, I send my blessings, love and compassion. I embrace you in the goddess
energy of tender love and hold within my mind the image of you existing on the Earth as your true divine self, with
courage and reverence.

I open my heart to you now and allow the guidance that the Creator encourages me to share with you to flow
forward as a breath of fresh air to inspire your mind and heart. I ask only that you hold onto the intent of maintaining
an open mind and heart in order to accept and digest the vibration of the wisdom I wish to share with you. It is your
divine and gracious free will that allows you to choose whether to embody the vibration or not.

The energy of compassion is needed on the Earth now in order to support the areas where chaos and pain are
alive, whether it is within countries or within individuals across the world. Compassion is a sacred gift that one
person can give with an open heart to another to aid healing; it can act as a support or comfort that allows the soul
to awaken to the presence of the Creator and the truth that can unfold. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a
loved one or a stranger, whether you give it to a group or a country, compassion can be shared with great intensity
creating many heavenly miracles. Compassion is a thought, intent and understanding that can be transmitted as
widely as you feel is appropriate, it doesn’t even have to be limited to those who are suffering but can be given as a
gift to those who are achieving their enlightenment. (Many people believe that they are still experiencing aspects of
suffering even when they are acknowledging themselves as becoming enlightened and united with the Creator.
There is truth in this as we are not truly free until we surrender to the Creator completely on all levels of your being,
surrendering our soul and monad as well. ) You have the power to give compassion from the very sacred core of
your being; you have the ability to allow it to flow with intent and freedom from your being. Compassion must
always be given, it is transference of energy; with the energy of compassion one person can give while the other
can accept. The feelings and experiences whether you are giving or receiving can be similar but the most important
focus is upon awakening and opening of the energies of the giver and receiver. To act as a giver of compassion
even if it is only for a few minutes a day is a great blessing to humanity but also to you.

With the understanding that compassion can be given we mustn’t forget to give compassion to ourselves as we are
always in need of what we give to others. To give compassion to yourself will restore your energies, awaken you
from illusion and act as a guiding light in uncertain times. You can give compassion to yourself each day as a form
of respect and honouring yourself as well as acting as a supportive foundation of healing light to dissolve
unneeded attachments.
Compassion is needed when you or another person is seen to be in pain, suffering, confused, submerged in
negative emotions, misinterpreting themselves, guided by the ego, disconnected or uncertain of their path forward.
Compassion is also needed when you or a person is happy, joyous, connected and blissful. The latter need for
compassion may seem a strange statement but when we begin to understand the true and new meaning of
compassion we begin to acknowledge its need in our reality as an eternally flowing energy from our beings.

In the past compassion has been understood as a feeling of deep sorrow for another’s circumstances or a feeling
of understanding and maybe even taking on their pain. Compassion could be seen as a deep desire to help another
in any way you can, to guide and assist them, to offer your sympathy. Compassion can sometimes manifest as a
feeling of pity for another, seeing them as different as or poorer than you. Many people experience compassion in
different way but I wish to bring forth a new way of understanding and acting as compassion on the Earth.
Compassion is always a blessing to give and experience.

From my point of view compassion is to express a love that is pure and free from judgement of any kind about
yourself or another. Compassion is a flowing free energy that holds an intention of support, an encouraging light
that is in abundance not to heal or transform the person but to comfort them. This light can then be used by the
person’s soul to bring into fruition energies and insights that are needed to overcome or move through the
suffering. The energy of compassion brings to the receiver hope, contentment, inspiration and a connection with
their soul. You are simply providing a helping hand, not by solving or dissolving the suffering but by supporting the
growth and realisation that needs to occur. It is akin to surrounding a baby in warm blankets and offering nurturing
food, the baby will grow and develop at its own speed you are just supporting the growth, you can’t grow for the
baby. If you give compassion to another you are enabling them to accept the growth and understanding that needs
to take place, if you are giving compassion to yourself then you are supporting yourself with light, love and
understanding to aid a further process of awakening or enlightenment. Compassion is a wonderful gift that
supports growth, this is why it needs to be shared and expressed on the Earth now.

Compassion is a flowing love from the heart chakra but it is also a sacred acknowledgment. When you give
compassion you are acknowledging the divine and sacred being within the person, you are also acknowledging
and recognising their courage as they take on the experience of suffering or pain to become closer to the Creator’s
light. Every experiencing of pain or suffering is a gift, it is a teaching or lesson that you have created to allow you to
realise new and wonderful things about yourself and the Creator. So when we look upon another and see their
experiences we must acknowledge within them the glowing spirit and determination to release all illusion or fears
and embrace the presence of the Creator. We must honour every person for the truth that they are and the lessons
that they take on to aid and develop their spiritual ascension and light awakening. Acknowledging or seeing that a
person’s suffering is a lesson and a natural pathway that they are and must embark upon allows you to release all
feeling of sorrow or pity and to rejoice in the wonderful work and experience they are achieving. It is as if you are
simply accepting their situation as the divine will of the Creator. With this realisation it can seem as if the love of
compassion has left us as we acknowledge the divine within another and recognise their process of growth, it can
appear as if we are heartless or are less caring but this is not true. When you see a person for the truth they are and
that their suffering is not real, simply a test or a lesson, then you are helping them to see themselves in this way
also. It is as if the veil of illusion is being lifted. The person may then be able to see that with a simple understanding
of what is truly happening or what they are trying to learn, their suffering or problem can evaporate because of the

As you acknowledge the person’s path and extend love from your heart to support them you can then ask within
you if there is anything else that you could do or offer as help. On some occasions you will have to walk by as a
person needs to experience the suffering or other time you will be inspired to say or do something to be of greater

The change in the way that we share compassion is a result of the growth of humanity, people are beginning to
take responsibility for their realities, creations and growth and so this means that sometimes when we are trying to
be helpful we are actually interfering in their path. We must always be loving and supportive, acknowledging every
person for who they truly are and asking first within whether we can be of assistance. To honour and love another
for the path they are walking is a wonderful blessing for you and the receiver. With the understanding of
compassion, let it flow from your heart now to an individual or to the world. Even those who are not suffering will
appreciate your acknowledgment from within you of their truth. As you recognise the truth within another, you
recognise the truth within yourself.

Let yourself be of service by sending love from your heart, honouring the person for their divine presence and
mission on the Earth. Then recognise the path that they are walking and know that they are discovering wonderful
things about themselves and the Creator. Let your love support and align them to the Creator so that they may see
the truth of the matter they are experiencing, the reason and purpose of the Creator’s will. Then ask within you if
there is anything additional that you can do or say to be of service. You can look at everyone through the eyes of
compassion, when you achieve this they will look at you through the eyes of compassion, resulting in everyone
honouring the sacred truth within each other while offering a supportive love to aid the spiritual path forward.

With Compassionate Love,

Lady Quan Yin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson