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jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Galactic Federation Of Light Lord Ashtar March 20 2011

Greetings, Ground Crew of Earth, this is Lord Ashtar. Since March 9, 2011, when we commenced the Cosmic Wave of Unity from the Ships, to begin the New Reality of this Universal Underworld which is designed to bring humanity on Earth to its Highest Level of Consciousness, Earth has made a massive shift. We are in the final stages of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Within hours of the 9 x 9 Cosmic Pulses coming through the Star Realms of Heaven into Earth, Mother Earth experienced birthing pains and a great expansion causing the Land Masses to Shift once more. 

Since then we have seen a magnetic storm, major tsunami, nuclear meltdown and a new war has erupted. This is just what one would expect to see in the separation of worlds. 

You will experience more surprises yet to come in the united States government. On this event timeline information is being processed very quickly, you are questioning the validity of everything you have ever known. 

On the Inner Planes, all the Children of Ra, incarnate on Earth now are being asked if they wish to continue in the New Earth with Landings in place, in a 5th Dimensional Universal Galactic World. 

It is a free will choice, and not all will feel comfortable there.

They are being counseled of their choices and will move into a realm that is for their highest spiritual growth at this time.

At the same time, the dark Ones are grappling for their last chance of power. 

They feel absolutely stunned that they can no longer keep you quiet with fear and manipulation. 

Your pundits are out there tweeting up a storm chanting the TRUTH and this has never happened before.

You turn off the tv and go to meditate instead of staring at it blindly accepting the programming. 

This has them falling apart at the seams. Congratulations.

Translator Spanish: Elizabeth Contreras Aguirre

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