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viernes, 22 de abril de 2011


Ashtar's Peace Exercise - Addressed to Mother Gaia

"Beloved Ones, just close your eyes now and breathe. And we shall visit with Mother Gaia in communion of hearts and minds. And let us join hands around Mother Gaia, and encircle Her with our great Love, and our great appreciation that She is our Home, our Mother, Planet Earth. And let us in our mind's eye see the most beautiful gardens, gloriously healthy and pristine, free from all toxins. And let us see the waters that run in these gardens - perhaps fish are jumping, or perhaps the wise ancient Koi are there lending their energies of sacredness and ancient knowledge.

"And let us see the paths, perhaps they are crystalline, and let us literally float just above, but nevertheless feeling the wondrous energies of the Crystals as we go lighting and lightening us up even more. Every blade of grass, every flower, every tree is alive. There is a tree with wondrous fruit, and as you approach, it invites you to taste the sweetest, juiciest most delicious fruit you have ever experienced. And there just beyond is a family of Animals - mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and fuzzy, cuddly babies. And they say, 'Do come and hold these babies to your heart, and let them lick your face, and feel the warmth of their Joy.'

"The Sun is shining and these wondrously soft little beings, you can feel their hearts beat as you give them their hugs and cuddlings. And see the great waterfall, and hear the music that it plays as the water splashes upon the rocks. And know that Mother Gaia is everywhere present. So let us hug Mother Gaia, and let us thank Her for the beauty, for the sacred divine beauty which is our Home that She has provided for us all this time.

"And let us say to Mother Gaia, 'Beloved Mother, whatever we have done to dishonor you, to poison you, to harm you in any way, we ask your forgiveness, and we come to you with only Love and appreciation in our hearts, indeed in the totality of our beings. And we ask you to stay with us through our Ascension, and to indeed allow us into your higher realms where the Fairies dance, where the Unicorns prance, where Pegasus, and all of the Beloved Ones with wings join the Dragons in flight, the wondrous Dragons, the ones who are magic indeed.

"And all of the Birds and the flying creatures fly overhead, with tidings of great Joy spread throughout the Planet. And the Dolphins and the Whales rejoice in the seas and they sing their songs and they tell us their stories. And all of the sea creatures gather round, and we hear their singing as well. And all of the beloved Animals, and the Plants of the land join in. And all of the Mineral Kingdom is awake and broadcasting, 'Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, the Golden Age is Now, and we join you, Beloved Ones, in being the keepers of this Peace, and of this divine and sacred time on Planet Earth called the Golden Age.'

"We Love You, Mother Gaia. We serve You with Joy, and we thank you for all of the service that you have given to us so unselfishly, despite all that has been done which has been hurtful to You, and for which we now join together to heal for all time, as we make this promise to You that we stand in service to You. And we shall not stop our efforts to assist You in your necessary healings until it is all done, and we only ask that You continue to be as gentle as You can see to be. And we thank You for your gentleness. And most of all, Mother Gaia, we thank You for your Love. And so it is, Beloved Family. And so it is! Salut!"

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, April 19, 2011


The Flower That Shattered The Stone by John Denver was played after the Peace Exercise and before Mother Gaia's address. (Please note: The remainder of Ashtar's April 19th message will be sent in a later email.)

Mother Gaia's Message

"Beloved Children, it is I, Mother Gaia, and I thank you for your beautiful invitation to be with you. And I want you to know how touched is my heart for your wondrous expressions of Love and Commitment and Service. Sometimes when I look out upon the world and I see so much thoughtless and irresponsible behavior, well children can be that way sometimes, but as Mother, sometimes I do weep. But now you are here and we have just set a whole new timeline, a whole new precedent of oneness and togetherness and I rejoice that this is so! I feel your hearts, Beloved Children, and I call you all my Children because I love you so much, beyond words, as any mother does her child, but I have the Joy of being mother to all upon this Planet Earth. I have been here since the beginning, and I eagerly await your transition into your crystalline bodies because Paradise is waiting for you.

"But we have work to do here in this third dimension, and that work is to restore Paradise, to heal all that is to be healed, and my Children, do not think for one minute that I speak only of my own hurts, I know that many of you have suffered as well. And I rejoice that you have come so far upon your paths that you are healed, or still working on the process, but that you have made such progress in addressing that which you need to do for yourselves. Because the more that you connect with the totality of yourselves, the more you cleanse yourselves, the more you assist others upon the planet and that, of course, assists me. Well you have made commitment to me, and I make commitment to you to continue to be as gentle as I can possibly be during the time that remains for me to do my work of cleansing and healing. And you may know that those who have created situations, or added to, to make situations more destructive, are being, have been and are being, disempowered to doing any more.

"I, Mother Gaia, have respect for every living member of every one of my Kingdoms, and I can assure you when any members of my Kingdom leave their earthly bodies, I welcome them to the higher dimensional Paradise that awaits them, and I invite them to join in service with the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and all of the, what you call the Dwellers of the Realms of Light, in continuing in service to Planet Earth. I have never left. I never shall leave. And as we prepare to make this great Ascension, let us remember to do so with absolute respect for all members of all of my Kingdoms -respect, honor, comforting and all of the Love that we can give to each other and to the Planet.

"And so Beloved Family, I say again, thank you for your beautiful invitation to me to join with you. This is sacred time for us, this is communion time, and I invite you to raise yourselves into the highest vibrations, and to join with me as we continue her service together. I say unto you Bloveds, all is well in all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia! Thank you and Namaste."

Mother Sekhmet

"Well, you heard it here. It is I, Sekhmet. We shall be having a tribute** to Mother Gaia, to Planet Earth, so get your dancing shoes on if you choose. Keep always in your hearts the sacredness of this coming together. And remember, Beloved Ones, it was you who created this grand healing, who joined with us to bring it forth, and it is this Love that we have for each other, and for Mother Gaia and Planet Earth, that lives on, perpetually ongoing on this glorious and divine timeline we have just now co-created! And so it is. Namaste!"

** Celebrate Earth Day by John Denver

Transcription by Deborah Urquhart.

Given through Susan Leland, April 19, 2011.

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