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domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011


March 17th 2011

Mother: Beloved children, this is I, Mother Earth.

I see so many of you, beloveds, struggling how to visualize your future. I feel your pain when you suffer under the uncertainty, and I tell you, that you have my greatest empathy as I walked through this myself not long ago.

Children, children of mine, that is what I call you, because as long as you live on me or in me, you automatically become embraced by my motherhood. In all its consequences I gave you shelter and nurtured you and I gave you protection like only a mother can give you. So children of mine, your struggle is easily explained. It origins in your old beliefs and morals, in the things you accepted as good, accepted as working.

Many of you think now like I did, that we would need to bridge a certain amount of time of the cleansing period, to be finally able to go back to normal and start to rebuild. But this time it's different, this time there is nothing to go back to, nothing will be normal or known. This time survival means more than having stored your daily rations, this time survival means to be reborn.

Rarely a child leaves my room voluntarily. Most of the time, thru-passing souls have to be pushed out. I am pushing you out now, as your actions and non actions pushed me to having no other possibility than to do so. I wish it could have been done differently. I never wished harm to any of my children, not even to those which bring me sorrow and make me weep.

I am pushing you out into the unknown, children, but it is equally unknown to both of us, and we will be together if you desire so and if it fits into your carefully crafted destiny.

I am without fear now. This is new, because you have to know, I am an Agondonter myself. As to the quarantine, I also was cut of from the rest of the universe, and for the sake of my service as a planet, I surrendered to what was perceived as reality. I am without fear now, and so should be you, as those who stay with me are with me.

Nothing is hurting me more, than seeing my little ones suffering and scared. Nuclear is not so much of a problem for me then it is for you, but it saddens me still, to not being able anymore to provide onto you my very best. My very best is what you get, now and forever, so what you see is all I have in those moments of being in labour.

Forgive me, for I have to take this moment for myself. I cannot babysit you in the meantime, but there is many who matured. They make me proud as a mother and they bring joy to my soul. Those will help you, my children, those and the many other sisters and brothers who came from far to be the groom's best men.

So forget about visualizing the future, just be with me in this moment and hold my hand. Maybe you can dry my face from sweat every once in a while. Help me now as I helped you. We don't know what is going to be, we are just assured that it is the right direction taken, as it is the direction to Love and Light.

Get ready to be reborn.
Get ready to discover everything new.
Get ready to forget the old and forgive the past.
Get ready to let go of everything you ever thought of, dreamed of, desired, even your most idealistic ideas are based on old experiences.

Nothing will be old anymore, you will be creators in realtime and you will learn as you go, and so will I.

Children of mine, there is more labour [to come] which will shake me and shake you. Don't be afraid, little ones, you are being taken care of. Help those around you as you can. We will be through this in no time at all.

And don't you cry about those who wish not to be part of my children anymore, or who's destiny might bring them to different planes. There will be a mother embracing them, there will be a heart to listen to theirs.

Thank you for keeping up with me for so long. Thank you and blessed be you, my children of mine. I am Makhá, Mother Earth. Aho.

By Peter

SANANDA: From The New Jerusalem

Sananda addressing the March 8, 2011 teleconference:

“Greetings, Beloved Family, it is I, Sananda, and I thank you that we are all together here in such a sacred and, yes, a high place. And I say to you, ‘Welcome aboard the New Jerusalem!’ Come right in, come right in and look out the great windows and see flying with us, the Fleet. And notice, if you will, we are accompanied by the Star of Bethlehem and by Niburu. All are here, everyone is here - you and your guides make it complete and we kneel at your feet in honor that you join us for such high purpose and in such Love!

“For truly our coming together is powerful beyond words. So we ask that you keep your visions in front of you as we do this Exercise. We ask that you join with your Hearts and indeed with the All that You Are, which is mighty and sacred. And yes, it does take a certain amount of Courage to raise yourselves up so high as you join in with this mission. And so we thank you, in advance even, of that which we are about to do, because it is our gift to each other, and to the entire of Planet Earth, below, on and above, and to the Universe, the Great Universe, beyond.

“And this is what you would call the eleventh hour for Planet Earth, and the hands of the clock are moving even now, and when they stand straight up together, that is your Ascension. There is no accident, that is the month of twelve and the year of twelve, is it? No accidents, only synchronicities.

“So with your visions very clear and with your Hearts open to join each other and to join with us, let us form that wondrous circle, and let us come together into each others’ fields of energy, all of us. No one of us is any more or any less than any other. We are all great and grand beings coming consciously to do great works, and let the message go out from here. Let the message sound throughout the Universe that we put out, and let it especially touch planet Earth as we fly above, as we soar.

“And we are going to do something that might seem to be a bit magic, but it is entirely within our empowerment to do. As we fly above Planet Earth, look down and see humanity and choose a place that you would particularly like to hover above for a moment, suspended as it were in this Light of Spirit. Let it be a place where you have a vision to be, whether it be your home place now or another place; whether it be a permanent place or a place that you know you’re going to travel to in pursuit of your own mission and purpose.

“And let us stop everywhere that the voices are raised, everywhere you know, and everywhere that comes into your mind and your mind’s eye at this moment; where voices are being raised to rise up into the higher realms, to rise up and out of the box, the muck and the mire of the tar pits; to stop being stuck and to fly and soar. And let us join with the children, all of the children of Planet Earth, the crystalline ones particularly, and let us send the message out to them: 'We are here. We are with you, Beloved Ones, and we honor you and see you as the leaders that you came here to be. We empower you to join with us and together, together we create this world according to our highest visions, with Love as the answer, as the truth, and as the empowerment to all.'

“So say with me, say it aloud or say it to yourselves, however you choose, but communicate this throughout your fields, send this message to you, each and every one of you and then allow it, allow it to go beyond each and every one of you as we do with you:

“I come with my courageous Heart and it’s full of Love for all creation! I stand tall in my fields of energy because Love and the Light of it are all that I truly Am, and as my crystalline body forms I communicate even more this Love throughout my fields of energy and beyond to the world. I am messenger, I am in mission and I devote all of my self, all that I Am, to Love and its messages.

“I came here long ago and I know where planet Earth is going as it rises, and I am committed, not only to going with it, but to bringing everyone else, my brothers, my sisters here on this great ship, my brothers and sisters on all of the ships that I see outside. And as I look down and I see planet Earth so beautiful, shimmering in this Light of Love, I commit to bringing all of Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants who are desirous of coming with me into this higher reality, because this is my shining, this is my truth-telling, this is my shining-forth, this message to all who would hear it and open it.

“And I am shining it forth to all who would not open it, even this moment knowing, knowing that they will. I am empowered to do this and I accept this as my mission, and I stand with all of my brothers and sisters who come from the lighted realms and I accept our togetherness, our partnering and our Oneness. And I allow the empowerment of this moment to come into my fields and stay with me and to empower me even more as I move joyfully and in highest of vibrations upon my path of Ascension.

“I know that We Are One and I now say ‘We’ are together; We are co-creating the most glorious and beautiful of visions for this Golden Age which is so close. Our Hearts are joined now in this mission! We connect and communicate and commune with each other from now on in new ways of feeling, of flying together and soaring, and I thank myself, the glorious, sacred and divine being I Am, for being here in this company. And I thank all of those in this company for being One with me in this mission of Light and Love. Together we co-create the highest and the best of times to come, and we have, together, come to a new and higher level from which to do so.

“And so, let us hug each other and let us light each other up with this great outpouring and upswelling of Love! And, Beloved Ones, I tell you, from my Heart to yours that you shine even brighter and that we are together as One with no barriers, no resistance, just simply Love flowing freely and endlessly, shining bright and beautiful.

And so my Mother stands with me. Come forward now and accept, if you will, the Kumara roses into your Hearts. Savor their velvety softness and yet feel their Strength and their Courage, which is offered to you. Let us be One always. The Truth is that we always have been, and we have done away with and beamed our way through whatever sensations of separation we may have had in this time together - We Are Truly One! So let us welcome each other home to our Hearts and the One We All Are. Thank you, Beloved Ones, and Namaste!"


“I honor all of you and I bring the softness of my Love to you. You’re awesome, Beloved Ones, and I feel your Love and I ask that you feel mine, and I assure you that whatever mission that I and my Paschat Warriors have, we shall do it with your Love accompanying us, as we are now One, together, in the creation of the vision of Freedom and Peace and Love upon Planet Earth, within, on and above. Thank you, Beloved Ones - the Joy continues to upswell! Namaste!"