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martes, 15 de febrero de 2011


Saint Germain announces that Gaia purifies herself to the full right now and that there is green light for Extra Terrestrial arrival.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters

I would like it if all of you could give me your full attention right now. 

What it’s so soon to happen, and that has already started in some places, will affect you greatly.

It doesn’t matter where you are, it is happening. I don’t tell you this to make you afraid, but to keep you alert so you are not caught by surprise.

Your brothers and sisters in the stars have orders to come down to Earth.

They are already on their way to many places, where the aid from your extraterrestrial brothers and sisters is needed. 

Gaia is purifying herself to the full right now. You should soon be informed of her movements. 

The trumpet has sounded. But you are not alone. There is a whole legion of angels around each one of you, sheltering and protecting you.

The workers of the light and (channels) channelers must elevate their vibration to the maximum possible and help those who need it and keep everyone informed in regards to the essential. 

I am your Older Brother, Adamus Saint Germain, at your service. Do not hesitate to call us, in case of need.

Till soon.

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