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lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011


"Greetings, Beloved Family, and a most Happy Wesak to you! This is a time of celebration for all, and it is all the more auspicious as we gather on the day of the full moon! Now you have an abundance of information readily available on the meaning of all of this - astrologically and otherwise. So we shall just say, 'Welcome to the Beloved Buddha and all who accompany him,' and we shall move on to the particular significance of the particular events occurring in this particular time of this particular year.

"Well, we have lots of parts and particles coming together! Timelines are converging and coalescing, and the events of this past lunar month are resulting in a gigantic leap ahead for Planet Earth!!! Mother Gaia, in particular, is rejoicing at the wonderful Lovelight you are sending to her, and she is radiating that Light back to you from her crystals! And, because you have called us forth, we are able to assist her in her cleansing in exponentially increasing degrees, so that she can be much more gentle herself as she prepares for the great Ascension.

"Yes, we are engaged worldwide, Beloved Family, and all of the pieces and particles are coming together very harmoniously. Yet you might be saying, 'Ashtar, the world around me is in chaos and I am not feeling at all balanced in my own being - what are you talking about?'

"The answer is to bring yourselves up in your own vibrations, so that you can see the 'magic' which is even now overlaying the Planet. It shimmers and shines with its radiant Light, and indeed, the Earth has not been this bright since the beginning! What is this wondrous Light? It is you, Beloved Ones - it is the shining Lights You Are! It is you who are making all of these wondrous events possible; it is you who are putting all the particles into place, and it is your Love that is the 'glue' that holds together this higher dimensional reality for the Planet!

"So, we shall come together in Joyful Celebration of all that has come together, and of all that you are creating. We shall be once again doing an Exercise which shall carry us up into higher dimensionality, during which you will receive yet another upgrade, thus enabling you to hold even more of the high vibrational energies and visions within yourselves! Salut!"

Given through Susan Leland, May 15, 2011.

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