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Ashtar addressing the March 22, 2011 teleconference:

"Well Good Evening, Beloved Family! We are so pleased to have all of you here. And those of you who come after this live call, just give your intent to join in with that wonderful technological phenomenon called the recording of the call. It will be published; you don't even need to write in to request it. This is big! This is a pivotal point! Well you know that you've just had a weekend of high energies. You had the full moon, of course, and now the equinox has just passed. And it's all about balance; and it's all about empowerment; and it's all about, as we said in our message: 'As above, so below!' Well, that was Thoth, of course. And, 'As without, so within!'

"And it is most important that this be the time when you recognize the difference between sitting and waiting for something to drop out of the skies, whatever it might be, and taking the forward step to co-create the droppings, because you see there is just as much that can come that you don't want, if you're focusing in that direction, and we have, of course, a prime example that we will be discussing actually, in this time together.

"And you can also have, what is the saying? Oh yes, 'Pennies from Heaven.' Well, think big, think gold, ah yes, it's all there. You see, you can create whatever reality you choose to create. Now the World has been doing some very interesting things lately. Things that might seem to be contradictory. You all know about duality, and you all know that, of course, the World is coming to a place where those who are going to be ascending - oh, they're getting their crystalline bodies, and that's a form of saying they're getting their wings, their 'certifications to fly,' so to speak. Well that's how it may seem.

"And we know it's not easy, and we know that the whole big World is like a classroom where I and others are so blessed that you, Beloved Ones, are listening, and others are listening. This is a time for us all to be learning from each other. Did you know that we in the Ashtar Command, what you might call the Space Division is constantly learning from you? Well, you're master teachers you know, and you're showing us the ways of the human constantly, in new and surprising ways.

"Now some of them may seem to be contradictory, these duality (programs), you know, that we're talking about, wanting to keep you down; keep you from that soaring; keep you from sprouting your beautiful crystalline wings in your bodies that are made to soar. Well, they're teachers too. They're teaching us and they're teaching you. And what are they teaching you? They're saying, 'It's time as you measure it on Planet Earth, in fact it's getting kind of late, from your perspective.

"From our perspective, it's all just perfect. We know you're waiting for the Dinar; you're waiting for the deliveries; you're waiting for the announcements and the pronouncements and all of the good things. Well, here's our invitation to you -let's co-create it all! How about that? How about if we do such an empowerment this evening, an empowerment in each and every one of you?!!!

"And we have a guest speaker* coming, by the way, who is not perhaps the one that you would be expecting to deliver a message of self-empowerment for each and every one of you, but you're going to love her anyway, and you're going to be absolutely thrilled! Because we, you know, we get to take a sneak peak sometimes, and we've already seen how beautifully this time together is flowing. So just be assured it's all fabulous, it's all high vibes, none of this low stuff, because when you are in a high place, when you are in a high frequency, when your hearts are open and filling with Love, and more Love, and more Love, and you're spiraling out on beams of Light, you really can't receive astral messages, or hitch-hikers, or low vibrational messages.

"But there's a little bit of a gap, nevertheless, between feeling high vibe, and feeling that empowerment that puts you up, up, and over the top, so to speak, so we're talking about that subtle, subtle, little micro-step up, to get really into knowing that you're a partner. We know, and we assure you again, and you heard some very dedicated teachers,** bringers of news, just tell you again, that we in the Ashtar Command in the space ships are mitigating, because you're helping us in the Ground Crew, by giving us permission, by calling us forth. We are mitigating these disasters.

"This situation in Japan could have spiraled into, you know the big 'A.' We're not talking Ascension here - we're talking Armageddon - if we had not intervened, but we have permission to do what we've done, and we are continuing. We've got trillions of ships up above everybody, Beloved Ones, more ships than there are humans on the Planet even, but after all, stop and think about all of the members of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms.

"You don't want the little crocus flowers that are starting to come up in some part of the World to not have the same benefits that you have. You don't want the lions in the jungle, or the kitty cat on your lap, not to have the same mitigations that you humans are receiving. So stop and think about that, and we won't talk anymore about what you don't want, but we just wanted to paint the picture so you get it complete. We're here for everybody. We're here for all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms!

"The time is now for you to understand that you are co-creators. There's a difference between saying, 'Well I've read that, I've heard that,' and really knowing it, and carrying it within the entirety of your fabulous energy fields. This is the purpose of your being here in the Ground Crew, anyway. It took courage for you to volunteer, because most of you had a pretty good picture, and you've been around a few times, you know, around the block as they say, around the World wherever, here, there, and everywhere in the Galaxy and beyond, actually.

"So you had a pretty good picture, that you were going to get to take care of whatever you had left in your baggage, or your karmic bag, to take care of, while at the same time, you would get to be a Leader into the Light of the higher dimensions, the Golden Age, the Ascension Status. And when you volunteered in Earth time, and first came into your bodies, because then you really were sort of stuck in Earth time, well after you got out of that phase where you kept your connections, and some of you have kept them all your life, but nevertheless you have subjected yourselves to human bodies in Earth time.

"And it wasn't real assured that this was even going to be successful. We didn't know for sure. If we didn't know, nobody really knew! We wanted it to be successful of course, with open hearts, and all the Love that we have for you, we didn't want to see Earth have to go through another big blow up, and then have to wait thousands of years to have another shot at it, so to speak. So we've done everything we could do along the way, and so have you, to bring it to this point.

"Now it's time for a big leap forward for each and every one of you! You've already got the energies for it, Beloved Ones. Your hearts are there in higher dimensionality anyway. Oh yes, we can do this. We can scan. Just feel the energies of the higher dimensions, feel our connections, feel us joining together hand in hand, and heart to heart!

"You know what that feels like. Feel it again. Savor it, breathe it in, because you came here to be Love! You came here to teach; you came here to learn; and most of all, Beloved Ones, you came here to light the way. So we're going to light up ourselves, and light the way for the Planet even more. Now there are many who are just waking up. They haven't quite got the picture that you have, and there's nobody in this Beloved Family who doesn't have all of the pieces somewhere. They may just not be all apparent at this time, or visible, or consciously known to all of you, but that's OK, because you've got them anyway.

"And there aren't very many of those who have made their Ascension, and are now back in human bodies to help others, but they know. They have a pretty good overview. Tara and Rama are acquainted with the Masters who are here on the Planet, and all of you are too, because every time you talk to your Guides, they're right here with you. They may not be in human bodies, or they might have been in human bodies, which have been let go of, so that they are now Spirits.

"This is happening a lot. You might be saying, 'Well why did my best friend, why did my sister, my brother, my neighbor, my parent, my child, leave the Planet just when things are getting so exciting?' Well it's because their mission, which they accepted, was to get out of the human body, and go and join all of the Forces of Light above. There isn't one person in this group who does not have such a wondrous Family Member in guidance right now.

"Stop and think who that might be, and there could be more than one. Stop and think about that, and just breathe in the energy of that one, and greet them from your heart, and say, 'Thank you for coming to be with me, to assist me in this wondrous journey.' It could even be someone you never thought you got along well with, because as Soul Family members, you contracted with each other and you promised to each other that you'd come to share some part of this lifetime with each other, and perhaps make each other miserable, so you could practice the Forgiveness. How about that! Say, what if we put a few ho'oponoponos in there, shall we?

"Now this is great news, particularly if you have been missing, perhaps a live partner after he or she left the body. Get over loneliness. Give it up. It's not a good place to be. Get up higher. Get out of the fear-based emotions. Loneliness is one of them, you know. It's kind of needy and dependent, and it's not saying, 'I'm here to step forward into my own empowerment.' It's kind of saying, 'Gee, I don't feel very empowered.'

"Now we're only giving you these images, because we want to make this crystal clear, this duality that we spoke of, the thin line. We want to make it crystal clear, so that you have the picture. So bring that togetherness right into your being and say, 'Whoopee! I have someone now with me that I've been missing, or wanting to have a few words of resolution with.' How about that? Now is your big opportunity - they're real close!

"However you choose to use this new connection, we suggest that you take it to the communion state where you feel the energies. It's going to be another 'Up, Up, and Away' experience, Beloved Ones. Yes indeed, so savor that. How about this? You've seen pictures where you have a winged being with great big wings, who can swoop down and pick up somebody who would like to go for a ride, or have a different viewpoint, or perspective. Now that's a jolly picture, is it not? So think about that too. Perhaps you can get a ride. How about that, when you're in your communions? All righty, we're just dropping all kinds of little surprises in here tonight, because we want you to get this picture of your new step up into increased empowerment.

"We are asking you to come. When you do you're communing with us, with your Guidance Team, with the totality of Who You Are, because that is BIG. It is magnificent. It is a grand Light, Beloved Ones. We're asking you to step up, and co-create from that perspective. Now we know you've heard often enough: 'Don't ask, call it forth. Invoke it!' We're wanting to take it just a step higher, and Sekhmet, oh she'll have lots to tell you in the coming weeks about this as you measure time.

"No, not only call it forth, but do so as an equal partner. Say what you are creating as an equal co-creative partner!!! We have told you before, Beloved Ones, many times. You are just as loved. You are just as valued. You are just as worthy, and all that goes with it, as any other being in the entire Universe. There is no one who is of more value to Mother/Father God than you, Beloved Ones. We're all equals. We have a circular formation in the Ashtar Command, and everybody is a commander, and everybody's perspectives are of equal value. I simply interpret them, the consensus of what is to do next, and next, and next.

"Oh yes, I'm the Commander, along with Sananda, and so on, and so on. And yes we have charted our course, and yes we are here, and yes we have more information, perhaps, than you are feeling you have within yourselves. Well step forward, and let's have a grand ribbon-cutting on your own personal library, shall we? Now that's a happy thought isn't it - the grand opening of the Library of You? You may have had some sneak previews. You may have some of your DNA opened to reveal all that you want to know (in this moment).

"Why don't you just call us in for a grand opening ceremony! And as you take yourselves through the rows, the aisles, whatever you want to call it, the DNA particles. Just say: 'With ease and grace and balance in all of my being.' See that's to keep you from going over the top. If you try to do it all at once it might be too much for your physicality. You've heard the expression: 'Blowing the mind?' That, too, could happen. You don't want so much input coming in that your brain says: 'Stop, shut down, I can't handle quite all of this all at one time.' So call for the information to come into your consciousness with ease and grace, in perfect balance and harmony for your being, in every moment, in every nano-second of your adventures.

"Adventures; we're having adventures here. Yes, this is a lifetime. It's the grandest lifetime. It's the command performance that you all came here to participate in, and to be on the stage for. Oh, you think that nobody's watching? We've got a huge audience, Beloved Ones. Huge - the whole Universe is watching! Not in judgment - scratch that one. If you were thinking that you have a bunch of drama critics looking at you - no, no, no, no, no! This is admiration time! This is: 'We Love you, and we honor you, and we thank you for what you are doing!!!'

"Do you know how many planets you are leading through this process? Do you know how many openings there are for experienced 'Ascendees' from Planet Earth to go and help others throughout the Universe? Oh yes, you don't have to line up, Beloved Ones. You don't have to raise your hands, there's plenty for all of you, including coming back to 3D, or if you want to help the ones who stay behind to start their preparation for next time the opportunity comes around.

"And we're going to share something else with you; those who stay behind, but who are not, shall we say combatants, who simply are just not quite ready for drastic changes, and might be in a little bit of resistance to complete change, but nevertheless are ready for Ascension, except for that one little bit of resistance - you know that it is possible to ascend as an individual. You know that you've heard of 144,000 Ascended Masters -there's more than that now, Truth be known. A lot of them are back on Planet Earth by the way, and they have a little different Light about them, but they can disguise themselves. St. Germain is a Master at that you know, except when he walks through walls he kind of gives himself away, of being, you know, more powerful than the average human. He does that still sometimes, because he finds that he gets a lot of respect.

"You don't need to do that. Just shine your Lights and you'll get plenty of respect. Co-create your way out of situations which have been dis-empowering to you. Look your partner in the eye and say: 'You know, I love you beyond words, but to be very honest with you there are some games going on here, and I don't want to play them any more. Let's have a talk. Let's take a walk. Let's do something so that we can be in a more clear understanding. And by the way I've got some great news to share with you, if you're ready to hear it.'

"Whoo-hoo! The Voice had a break through with her own husband who was very resistant to change, but he's starting to open up. He's been pretty resistant, Beloved Ones. If he can do it, just imagine exponential increases Planet-wide! That one person that you wanted to have a talk with a month ago, but you just knew was putting out the 'stay away' vibes - check it out, he/she might be ready, especially if you take your newest Buddy Guide with you. Ah hah! Maybe your sister's been a little bit resistant. What if you bring your brother along with you as your newest Guide and newest member of your Guidance Team, and what if the two of you go? It might be a little different because the energies are different. There might be some wonderful surprises for some of you, but check in with yourself.

"Who makes the decisions about what you say and what you're ready to reveal, and what you're ready to share, and how much more of your mission you are ready to jump into - like maybe putting your artwork out on the internet, to share your innermost poem, your music your dance, whatever? A lot of this goes into the arts, and the reason why is because the arts are inspired from higher dimensionalities, for the most part. There are some that get inspired by the astral planes, but you can tell the difference. So, you might be ready to broadcast more of your inspirations as part of the World-wide and beyond effort, to support, participate in, and empower others to get on the same high vibe Ascension Path that you're on!

"Well we've been giving all kinds of little hints and tips and goodies. You may want to read this - it gets translated - transcribed. Ah yes, it gets transcribed, and there will be recordings available as we have said.

"Now just a note on the World. It's all good. Well there you have it - that's the news for tonight about the World. Ha, ha, ha, ha! All right every time you smile or laugh, you know what happens, you get high. That's what we want - a lot of high, beautiful Family Members here. Why do we say that? Remember we were talking about the ones who leave their bodies to guide. Where do you think, or shall we say, what do you think must result from all the beautiful ones who have recently left their bodies because of disasters, which have touched the consciousness of the World and raised it?

"Nine eleven (9/11) was kind of a new note. There have been shiftings, and shakings, and rumblings, and spewings before that, but let's go back to 9/11, shall we? Remember how the consciousness rose during that time, immediately before, during, and immediately after. It was measured by a scientist. Ah hah!

"These kinds of consciousness raisings have been measured ever since. And every time Beloveds in human bodies leave their bodies, or animals, plants, members of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms all, they leave their bodies that their Spirits can fly free - oh yes the plants and animals have their Spirits too, be advised - they leave their bodies because of some kind of traumatic event.

"It is extremely traumatic for the humans who stay behind. But It is like a nano-second of trauma before these blessed ones go into the Light. And if there's some kind of torture or prolonged pain, believe me, they have a way of their Spirit soaring above the body to be in help, to be the bridge, so to speak, so that they know that they are coming to the Light.

"So what happens when they get there? They're in a high vibration, a high dimension, most often the high realms of 4D, which you call Heaven. That's where the Angels hang out. They have all kinds of welcoming committees. And what do you suppose they're there to do as their mission? They are there to consciously teach about how the consciousness of the Planet needs to join in, so that those in the human bodies will have to say, 'This has to stop - the desecrations of Mother Gaia, desecrations and destructions of humanity and all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms have to stop! The consciousness has to get there.'

"There is an expression you have about messages on the internet, sometimes the youtubes you say, they go 'viral,' or they go 'nuclear'. This message is really getting through, and the message is: 'No More Nukes,' and the message is: 'Those who would desecrate Mother Gaia and Her Kingdoms need to be removed from the stage, because they are not going, despite numerous promises to do so.' We got the message. We got it!

"The Ground Crew, that part you call the White Knights, has been real busy. It's round-up time! And we're saying this in a good way. We ask you to join in thanking all of those who are being rounded up and removed from the center of the stage, so that you can take their positions, so the stage will not be empty. There will be no lack of direction, focus, missions and goals, because you're here to fill the void so to speak, that's being left by their departure.

"You're here to be Leaders. Work with your Guidance Teams. What are you here to do next? What are you going to do when the announcements are made? Of course, most all of you have seen, or felt us anyway in our ships, in our messages. Just go outside tonight and do some high fives, because we'll be there, and we're already very much in evidence on the Planet, so let's face it, the announcement of our being real and here is going to be a little anti-climactic for you.

"So be ready, start putting the messages out now telepathically to the World: 'Let's say Yes! Let's get our welcome signs up and ready, and let's be ready, because when the announcements are made, you need to step forward if you haven't already, and be in those leadership spots.' What are You going to do as a Leader?

"You're going to say: 'It's great! Joy to the World! Hallelujah Chorus time!' We Love that one, because the music is so high dimensional, by the way, and there's a lot of that. It's time for you to step forward and say: 'Guess what, I'll volunteer; I can help you! I'm an AC volunteer, that means Ashtar Command Volunteer, and I can help you! If you need reassurance, I'm here! If you need a friend to share your thoughts with, your interpretations, your perspectives, you want to get your questions answered, I'm here for you!!! So let's get all warm and fuzzy, and let's focus on where we're going next, and what we're going to do. By the way we're all going to be so abundant, we can share with each other, those of us who get it first, and you can do whatever you want to do in the World. So let's talk about your visions. What is it that you would like to do? Can you imagine having vision centers? You can do them on the internet. You can do them in person physically, up close and personal, and you can set up a place where you simply say; bring your visions, tell us what you want to do. We can perhaps connect you with some others who have the same vision.'

"Wow! We are so excited, we're just up high and flying, and we want to assure you're right here with us, Beloved Ones, each and every one of you. You're right here with us. So let's hold hands. Let's continue our togetherness! Let's bring even more Peace to the World, even as we bring empowerment amongst ourselves, Beloved Family, and then we're going to share it with the World to be in high vibe Joy to transmute even more of the fears that some people on the Planet are feeling.

"Do you know what happens when you get above fear? There's no such thing as radioactivity. Oh, take your supplements and all of that. Nurture yourselves physically, and in all ways, but program yourself to step into high vibe health in all of your being, because after all you have to be healthy to get this crystalline body really formed up and activated for your Ascension. So if you haven't been doing that step up. Be a co-creative partner, and understand your place in your Guidance Group. We'll have someone* who will be quite helpful at creating even more the vision, and the high vibrations for this. It's big! It's huge! All righty let's just breathe shall we? Everybody get ready. We're going to fly together higher, higher and higher!

"Thank you, Beloved Family, for being with us tonight. We love you so much. Feel the Love vibes. Let them come in. Open up your heart. Let's circulate even more in Joy, in Love, and in co-creative equal partnership. And so it is! Salut!"

* Mother Mary, who led the Peace Exercise after Ashtar spoke.
** Tara and Rama

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, March 22, 2011

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