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miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011


I am Christ Michael of Nebadon, your Sovereign,

On this very day, only long time ago for you, a remarkable proces took place. My incarnation together with my Beloved Esu brought forth the end of the dark and the beginning of the dawn of Light and some of you stood by our side as you might and will remember now.

These 2000 years came and went by as only an instant in our vivid memory.

Promises were made, missions explained, intentions declared. Now is the time indeed to make good on all of those and come forth and stand tall in the Light. As other scribes declared, no new words need to be spoken, but examples must be set. The Light of Life that shines brighter than your eyes can take, that radiates through and from your entire being, already Enlightens evey cell and fiber. Your souls rejoice for they are coming Home as WE reunite again.

Make way for the Divine Is Marching In. Those who listened heard the drumbeats of the battle song long time ago and are standing tall, not afraid to look up, to Live, to take a breath of fresh air and find themselves submerged in a bath of Light that encompasses All with Divinity. ' Be still and know that Yea are Gods . '

Come forth and share your memories, your experiences for indeed the time is now. Join hearts and minds and Spirits Within to the benefit and Highest Purpose of All involved, as said before. With your armor strong, you have nothing to fear. Fear not but TRUST the Inner Light, proclaim the TRUTH and usher in our Marching In and Through for Keep Marching in Service, WE shall do together forever.

My Warriors of Light, I embrace you All with Love.

I am CMAton of Nebadon.

Candace: I am personally "watching", the edges of the wave is here. Not sure when or how it will be felt yet.

Thru Johan

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