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sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

SEKHMET- Yes I can 101 !

March 1st, 2011

"Well Greetings Everybody! It is I, Mother, humm, I'm quite young at heart. So you can just call me Sekhmet. 

I have changed my image considerably since those days in Egypt when I was considered to be very stern and even war-like. 

I had an unfortunate incident, and it kind of colored my reputation as a vengeful, punishing kind of Goddess. 

What I really had passion for doing was healing, and I was in charge of healing for ancient Egypt, so I worked with the priests and the priestesses, because they were the healers.

"There were some among them, most often the men, the priests, who also held the title of physician. 

They were spiritually connected and very adept, as you might say, with these higher dimensionalities, these higher frequencies and so on, and they actually could produce these kinds of high vibe tones with their own voices, plus we had a very few sacred sound producing instruments which produced more than sound.

"So, what this fabulous woman* has done is be inspired. Let's face it, she gets information from the higher realms, the ones we call the Lighted Ones, because they are high vibe, high dimensional, truthful, and very, very, inspired by her heart, which is so big, and courageous too, because it takes courage to do this intensive research, to work so diligently, and to invest dollars to create these wondrous things that she has, these tools. And she is what you would call a highly spiritually advanced woman of healing. 

So, we are delighted, because we've been talking for a long time about what we have called, or we should say, Ashtar has called, 'the training of the brain.' 

"And so this comes together at a time when we know Ascensionitis is being felt, and we are also well aware of - and we thank that Beloved Family Woman** who brought up the topic of the negativities - the negative energies in the air. 

Because as Lightworkers on the Planet in the uniforms of the human, and off the Planet, such as I, in spirit body, well for the most part - we won't go into my life and all of that right now - it is our mission, our focus, our purpose, and our passion, to help the Planet along the Ascension Process, and in so doing to heal everything that needs to be healed. You can't have that healing while at the same time being bombarded by negativities. 

Because even though you may program yourself not to allow them in, you realize that you are One with everyone, and every living being on Planet Earth, and beyond, so they're there, and they are constantly trying to get in. The Voice herself is doing a lot of testing these days to be sure that nothing sneaks in, in a tired moment. 

That's when you're most open to having these negatives, programs, thought forms, attachments, messages and so on come in, and it is not pleasant, because you can really land with a thud just about the time you think that you're soaring along, and all of a sudden your vibrations can drop, and sometimes you're just busy - we understand that time is collapsing, and so on, and so on.

"But the way to reclaim your empowerment is with your own focus. And the more you focus and the more you nurture and feed and love yourself, the more sovereign you'll become, and thus you'll become more free. You could say that you're flying high where none of these negativities can exist. 

They can't keep up with you, if you get yourself up into a high vibe state. That's what moving up through the dimensions is all about. 

"Now this sound,* and the other tools, and you yourselves, Beloved Ones, with your intent and your focus, are your own unlimited passport, your ticket.

You've got an unlimited travel pass or ticket, that's what we're trying to say, to these higher fields, these higher vibrations.

And we also want to point out, that just as the negative ones cannot come in and attach themselves to you when you are flying high, you can absorb - you will attract - and can absorb more of these wondrous high vibrational energies that are coming in for the purpose of waking you up, yes, but beyond that, lifting you up, assisting you!
"It's like all of a sudden you have a little rocket pack on your back, and it helps you just zoom up into higher dimensional beingness, so that you can start having that higher dimensional perspective, and in turn you can send your messages world-wide and beyond. And that is the way for the Planet to successfully achieve its Ascension. 

And that is the way to bring forward all that it is that you want to create for yourself personally, and for the Planet as a whole. 

"Peace on Earth begins in the heart, the heart which is now to become a thinking part of the evolving human, so that the heart not only is a place for feelings, high vibrations, feelings of Love, Love-based feelings, as opposed to the ego, which we have been discussing, which is a place for fear-based emotions to emanate from. 

So you want to be in your heart, and you'll find yourself thinking, in other words perceiving everyone, every event, all the living beings of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms, from that higher place of being.

"Now the important thing for you to do is start perceiving yourself from that perspective, because that's how you're going to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish for yourself; whether you want to create more dollars in your bank account, more wellness in your physicality; more creative writings or inventions, or whatever with your mind; whether you want to resolve all of your relationships, and just love everybody, and express only Love, coming again from your heart, your emotion seat; whether you want to be totally connected with the all that you are, and with your spiritual beingness, so that you're always having that connection, open and free-flowing, not just connection, not just communication, but communion so you feel all of this! 

"Aaah, how does that feel? Pretty good huh? Not just pretty, but it's good! It's your natural state of being.

It's what you're coming home to with your Ascension, and the focus, the mission that we're here to help you with, is to accomplish this even before you make your final Ascension.

In other words to be living in the highest dimensionalities possible, while you are still an unascended being on Planet Earth.

"Now if you've checked your calendars lately, and if you are aware of timelines, we can tell you the timeline is still as it has been spoken. 

Now, we understand that different prophecies, different prophets, and seers, and psychics, and so on, have given slightly different pictures of Ascension. But here are some facts that you can count on. 

You're moving into a crystalline body, and the crystalline grid is in place, and the activations of it have already begun.

So it is becoming a crystalline being, a crystalline body upon a crystalline grid, and that is how Planet Earth, and you, Beloved Ones, will be in preparation mode to make this leap, this Ascension.

"So the more you taste it, the more you have the perception of the high dimensional being, that part of you which is already there, connected, communicating, and in communion, the more you can bring that to your reality. Ah hah! The more free you are, the more you can do. 

You may recall that we are calling this portion of our program 'Yes I Can, 101!' Good reason for that, yes, that zero point in the middle of two ones, and it is one-one which makes eleven. 

Now that's very powerful. And of course, 'Yes I Can!' If you use 'Yes I Can!' for a mantra, that's elevating is it not? 

"So we want to just be connected in communication, and in communion with you, and we encourage you to evolve and develop, and make use of all of the tools in your tool kit, and then if you feel so inspired you can avail yourselves of these special ones which are being offered by these women, because we can tell you that they have our full endorsement. 

"We are not here for any reason except to help all of you become more empowered, whether you have the tools or not. 

And one of the ways that we do that is that when we talk about these things that the tools can accomplish, you can use your hand. 

You can put a crystal, a programmed crystal in your hand if you wish too. Of course that would be a rather small one.

You don't have big paws like I do, but you can put it into your hand, and you can move your hand in a circular motion to beam or to pull in.

You know you can beam out, but you can also pull in on that same beam. 

Ah hah! What it is that you want to accomplish, now that's a very simple thing to do. 

"You can use the Ho'oponopono. We really love the Ho'oponopono. It's like me, it's ancient, but it's very young at heart.

And so it is that you can use this as a fabulous tool, because what you find out when you use that Ho'oponopono as a mantra, or as a clearing device whenever something comes up that seems to be negative - how about if you feel like negativities are bombarding you - how about getting yourself into the highest vibration, that is, relaxing into relaxation, and then start beaming the Ho'oponopono throughout the entirety of your energy fields, and beyond, so that you are literally bathed, encased in Ho'oponopono? And just feel the difference within your own being! You'll elevate yourself as you do it. 

And that is a good one to remember, Ho'oponopono. Now if you're fond of googling, you can go to google, and you can find out more about Ho'oponopono.
"We would like to have you at this time just take a few breaths. Ummm! That feels so good. Now breathe in. 

As you breathe in, know that you're breathing in your own empowerment from your own energy fields, from what you call your Higher self, your spiritual being, that part of you. 

Just allow the energy to come in, and no matter where you are, dimensionally speaking, just breathe it in! 

"Breathe in the high dimensionality. Allow your Guides to add their loving energies to this. 

They're high dimensional beings you know. Just allow yourselves to breathe in all of this wondrous high dimensional energy.

You can hold out your hands if you want, or you can open your crown and just let it come in. 

Do what feels good to you. You do not need to remain absolutely still, but you can if you wish. Just allow yourselves to breathe in high dimensional energy from yourself, your blessed, sacred, Divine self and from (?). 

Breathe it in. You may feel it, or see it as the White Light of the Christ. 

You may see it as the Violet Light of St. Germain, the great transformer, transmuter, the great Alchemist. 

You might see it as the Blue Ray of Truth from Archangel Michael inviting you to feel who you really are. Oh it's wondrous! 

"Now bring yourselves into that relaxation and breathe. Tune back into that frequency. 

Call for your brain to relax, and let us go into the deep alpha state, and pause there for a moment. 

Just relax and when you feel yourself even more relaxed, let us create some two way communication, or/and communion. 

Yes!That's it! Just put it out there to the Universe and most particularly to that part of you which you call your Higher self, really part of your energy fields.

"And you say "I AM here. I AM in communion with you, and I declare my sovereignty. 

I declare my Divinity and I choose to feel it even more in my fields of being. Now relax some more. Relax, just relax.

Keep that relaxation, keep that relaxation.

Some of you might be able to accomplish a further harmonious state of your brain called the theta state.

"Relax even more, and call forth this unity, this oneness with the totality of who you are. And create even more this balance, this harmony within yourself. 

And know that as you do so, you are causing us to pause, feeling the harmony that you are, that you are projecting, just by bringing yourself into this alpha or theta state. Breathe it in. 

And as you breathe out gently, effortlessly and easily, know that you are helping the World now. You have a taste of what it is that you are feeling. 

And if you happen to have a crystal, or a wand, or any part of you that you choose to program, handy, go ahead and program when you are feeling this relaxation, when you are feeling it, and that is perfect. 

You might be seeing some color. You might be feeling a special warmth that tells you: 'Yes, you're all connected up in all of your being, and you're focusing from your heart, out and up.'

"And these waves of Love, this communion is coming into your heart, and yes your ego is there asleep, in a place where your ego cannot drag you down. And all is wondrous and well in your world. 

And even though you're not asleep, you are as relaxed as though you were. 

And if you hear some music, the heavenly choirs you might call them, or the music of the spheres, or that wondrous sound of OM, go ahead allow your voice to join with it, and be in this total relaxation as long as you choose, and come back to it if you wish.

"Know that the Light of the Christ is shining into you, and out from you. Know that that high dimensional Light, which you have opened to receive, is coming in more and more. 

Let your crystals, or your wands, or your hands, or your wisdom eye, or your crown, be programmed to receive that Light and to send it forth in purposeful mission in Joy, in Peace, and most of all in Love.

"This is your mission and purpose, Beloved Ones. You have many ways of creating, to express and perform your mission. 

But in this we are united. We are one in Family, in Joy! In this we commune with each other.

And indeed we invite the world which has lifted up and those in the world who choose to join with us, to be one with us in this holy communion of Love, perceived and felt within our own beings, and throughout this wondrous Family as we come together in this communion.

"Keep breathing in these energies of Love, and know how wondrous you are, how beautifully you fulfill this Divine Mission that we have undertaken together, One in Family of Love! That is who we truly are.

That is all we ever have been, and that is all that Mother/Father created us to be! And so it is! And I say to you, Beloved Ones, keep on breathing! Namaste!