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miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011


This is Carolyn Evers and it is Wednesday February 23, 2011 and Richard and I were just recently speaking with Father God and we felt that it was very important to come forth with this message because he wishes to speak about some of the, shall we say pressing Earth changes and just as equally important, the changes that are coming forth in the Middle East. I have watched with great interest, each one of the countries as the people have risen to rid themselves of long-standing dictators and reaching for freedom, and so I feel that not only is this message important but it's very timely to help you understand what is moving in these two areas. Richard?

And Father God is here and he is saying;

You have entered a special time upon planet Earth. Some of you are aware that Earth changes and you could say, social changes were planned for these times as you approach the end of 2012, and I asked that Richard take this message because these changes have begun to emerge, and it is important to understand that there is some basis for what has begun to emerge.

Firstly, the earthquake in Christchurch has drawn a lot of attention because, unlike the last earthquake there where there was no loss of life, in this case there has been a significant loss of life and quite a deal of damage to the city, and so this has drawn international focus at this time. Also there have been a number of volcanoes that have awakened in recent times in Indonesia, most recently in the Philippines but also in Japan and South America, and this volcanic awakening and earthquake activity is very much connected to the changes that need to come forth. The planet needs to undertake its own karmic clearing you could say, as it approaches that timeline and even though some work has been done to minimise the amount of this activity, some of this activity is still required; and there will be more, quite a deal more as we move through this next nearly 2 years.

It is important to understand that this has all been planned, even though humanity in general is unaware of this at this point. Those of you reading or listening to this message have a different perspective. You understand that great change is coming forth within the consciousness of humanity and the planet in particular, though indeed it impacts every form of life upon the planet; and so these changes are beginning.

I also wish to mention that the financial changes which we have spoken about in the past are finally beginning to emerge. You will see some significant changes in the coming weeks in this regard. A significant shift in the value of the stock market for example, is part of this. Also there will be changes and disruptions in the financial system around the world as those that have controlled the money supply begin to be disempowered. These changes are inevitable if that is to occur.

In addition to that, as Carolyn mentioned we have begun to see changes in the Middle East. Populations beginning to rise up against those despots that have controlled their countries, in many cases for over 40 years, and these groups are finally finding their voice. They are stepping through their fear, and some of them recognise that they will give up their lives as part of the process of bringing forth this change and there are enough willing to do this or to take the risk that that might happen to bring forth change for their country. And although this is in one sense connected to the preparation of these times, these changes are not primarily triggered by the energies of, for example this full moon that have come in, though these energies do support these changes, the primary trigger for this indeed has been some work which was done perhaps a year to 18 months ago by some of those who join Carolyn on her conference calls where energies were sent to the Middle East to support the people, and for various reasons these energies have taken longer to be expressed in the will of the people. But these energies, let me tell you have been a major driving force in the coming forth of these changes, and I thank all of you that have participated in this work to assist humanity and the planet to begin to prepare, and it is exciting to know that indeed when like-minded people with a desire to see positive change come together and work energetically to see that change come forth, it can indeed bring forth great change, and the ability to do this is continuing to accelerate as the energies change upon the planet. So do not underestimate your ability to bring forth positive change because as you work with a group, you can indeed bring forth these kinds of changes.

So I wanted to come forth and to alert you all to the fact that you have now entered the time when these Earth changes are beginning and will continue, so do not be surprised but also do not be fearful, because regardless of where you are physically upon the planet, if you are walking the path of preparation for Ascension, if you have acknowledged your Creator and acknowledge the necessity of experiencing or utilising the Karmic Clearing and subsequently the Rejuvenation command when it becomes available, if you are committed to this path and are walking as best you can towards that, then you will be protected. It doesn't matter where you are on the planet, you will be protected. Again it is hard for you to grasp this from within your consciousness, from within your reality as you perceive it, but my friends, it is true. You have all heard of, for example miraculous escapes by individuals from circumstances which seem impossible to survive, and yet they do and come through unscathed. This is always possible, always possible and as I say, if you are walking your path you have nothing to fear, nothing whatsoever. And so it is.

Carolyn - Thank you, Father God. As we are speaking about change in the Middle East, I have a couple questions, and one of them has to do with the status of the female and I notice movements where in Iraq particularly, they’re starting to look at the female from a standpoint of equality. Perhaps not all of the members are doing this in the country but at least some of them, and I would like a little perspective from you as to how the female will be treated in the Middle East. As we all know, there have been so many abuses given out to the woman, the female and I know we also did some work with that, too on our conference calls, so can you give us a little insight on that.

Whilst for the most part, this will be a little slower in coming forth than the political changes that you are seeing, seemingly like a whirlwind across the Middle East, these changes are also beginning to come forth, and the energy work that you did with your conference calls has assisted with this. However, the real driver for this change is when rejuvenation begins to come forth, when the full energies of the divine feminine are completely expressed upon the planet as the rejuvenation process begins to open up in earnest. This will bring forth the full expression of the divine feminine energies upon the planet and this will drive that change amongst those societies where the woman is suppressed or mistreated.

Carolyn - Thank you, Father God. I did have another question with regards to the Middle East. I have noted that the Egyptian military have made a commitment at least as of this date, to honour and uphold the previous contracts or peace treaties that they have a put in place with regards to Israel. Whether it comes to fruition in that manner it remains to be seen. But there seems to be a standoff, at least on Iran's part. They seem to be intensifying their antagonism towards Israel and not too long ago they have sent some warships in an area that Israel feels is antagonistic towards them, and I’d like some input as to the thinking of the leaders in these two countries and the possible outcome of this aggression.

It is not clear as yet how this will unfold. It is true that the Iranian leadership has chosen a more aggressive stance towards Israel; however we feel that the changes, the regime changes which are gaining momentum within the Middle East will overtake the paths being followed by the current Iranian leadership. Changes in Iran are quite challenging because of the very aggressive and militaristic stance which the leadership takes, and this is made more complex because they stand on the principle of their religion as the basis of their stance. That complicates the picture, a picture which does not apply in the case of Egypt or, as we are seeing in the case of Libya, and so it is a more complex picture and more difficult to get the Armed Forces to abandon their support for the current power structure. So it is a complex picture. But as I look at the future, I would say it is unlikely that there will be anything more than some posturing by the Iranian leadership in regard to Israel. We do not see this expanding significantly from what you might call sabre rattling, and we see this all washing away relatively quickly.

Carolyn - Thank you, Father God and yes, we understand sabre rattling as we have a little bit going on between North Korea and South Korea, but I wonder if Iran at this point, is their nuclear weapons program in a position where they could deliver warheads?

As has been shared with you before, not by me but by others, there will be no further explosion of nuclear weapons upon your planet. Anyone that seeks to use these weapons will find them shut down if they try to use them; and so have no concern that this kind of weaponry will ever be used again upon your planet, because it will not.

Carolyn - Yes, I was aware of that and I want to thank you for reminding us of that, shall we say promise or commitment; and perhaps the very last question. We’d like to know the situation in Switzerland with CERN. Will that be shut down? It seems to be a dangerous situation with the way the scientists are taking the experiments. Can you give us a little future perspective of what might happen with CERN?

We expect that CERN will be shut down within three months. We expect that there will be changes to their power supplies which will render CERN inoperative once more, and we expect this to occur as I say, within the next 90 days or so as other changes also begin to come forth upon your planet. And so it is.

Carolyn - We thank you, Father God for coming forth with these most recent observations, as many people who follow us have these ideas in the forefront of their minds. Thank you.

By Richard Presser
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