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jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

CHRIST MICHAEL AND NEBADONIA : Welcome Home at the finish line

Dearly Beloveds,

I AM Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, and I also speak for Nebadonia at this time,

Together with Nebadonia, WE made a decision to Bless All of You, our truly Beloved Children, together with the incoming Higher Divine Potential bestowed upon You by Source and Our Selves and Your Selves so that a perfect Union between Creation and Us, Your Creators and all of our Creation in Nebadon may Light up this Universe for all to see from far and away.

Mother Earth is ready for birthing her New Self and without further delay, this proces has gone into the delivary status NOW.

You have seen through Japan and other places before what birthpangs are about, but please realise this labor of Gaia will be a difficult and particular hard and painful one. Not to the detriment of This Beloved and Beautiful Soul, since only relief of pressure and polution and negative energy will be the result towards the Most Precious Gem She is about to become, BUT THE CONDITIONS UPON HER SURFACE WILL NOW QUICKLY DETERIORATE.

Through the Waves and the peculiar settings of your solar system already under the Influx of the growing strenght of Divine Love and Light, both Nebadonia and Myself wish to address and inform you, my Precious Dear Little Ones, that ALSO YOU WILL BE BORN AGAIN into your deserved status of the Grand Cosmic Beings you have always been. This has been a step by step proces, but now there is no longer holding back.

Like a wild river rafting, your graduation awaits you at the end of the trip that might rush you through many rapids and small waterfalls OR MIGHT BE RATHER SMOOTH SAILING according to the amount of Divine Love and Light you have practised with! All will travel the same river, but the experience might widely differ.

This is THE TIME for complete TRUST, push off and enjoy the company, as the now famous Hopi Indian poem suggests, do not fear and hold on to the sides. The stream will be too powerful for your arms and legs to counter the mighty flow. But trust your Guidance and float with ease and your short journey will be a blessing beyond your wildest imagination.

Finally I will be able to meet you, my Children, at the finish line and greet you and love you as no description can translate how much my Fatherly and Brotherly instinct and intuition has been longing for this moment. Even my heart is rejoicing and I share this with my beautiful Nebadonia who wishes you only the very best.

No more words now, be prepared as good as you have received our instructions and given heed to our many calls.

Welcome Home, Warriors of Light, the Mighty River of Love and Light is reaching you Now, push off, let go and go with the Flow, it will bring you Home where numerous numbers are rejoicing to meet you already. Great jubilation will follow great tribulation but it has been so much more worth the effort and waiting as you hardly can imagine.

I am proud of you, my Beloved Children, and Give Yourselfs all the Reasons to be proud of Yourselfs. Welcome Home.

I AM Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, your Souvereign.

By Johan
16th of march, 2011

Message from Ashtar on Japan - March 16, 2011

"Greetings, Beloved Family!
"The consciousness has never been higher than at this time, but there is a mixed bag of uncertainty along with the hopeful optimism. This is entirely characteristic of wake-up calls. For some the calls are bringing forth high vibrational responses, for some they are primarily being felt in the lower 3 chakras.
"Our message to you is this - we are joined with you in Oneness of Mission. We are here to help. Indeed we have been seen in the skies over Japan and all over the Earth, and we thank you for your acknowledgements! We have mitigated to the greatest extent possible thus far in Japan, but this wake-up call was seen to be needed, and it is with the highest Love and Honor that the Japanese people have participated. They have, and are, giving up their human bodies so that you, Beloved Ones, and all who are awake, will join your Hearts and Voices in the Great Awakening of the Kingdom of the Humans!
"And it is happening - the voice of humanity's consciousness is singing the songs of Peace, Compassion and Freedom for all. The songs express a most necessary consensus - NO MORE NUCLEAR ANYTHING! Thus, Planet Earth is now literally being freed from the destructive grip of those order-giving insane ones who care so much about money and control that they will do ANYTHING to achieve their goals.
"Beloved Ones, there is so much that we can do to partner with you! We have only just begun and we are aware and most appreciative of all of your efforts. Together we can resolve, heal and continue on this great Ascension adventure! We invite you to connect, communicate and be in communion with us. We ask that you invite us to be visible, known, 100% partners with you in the cleansing and clearings of Japan and of the entire Planet. When this visibility occurs, we can openly bring forth all of the solutions that we have for you!
"Meanwhile, know that we are with you in loving service and that 'good news' is happening now, despite what you might be hearing about the situation. Continue to send your loving energies to Japan, and to all involved, and know that you are doing extraordinary things to raise the vibrations there and worldwide - together we are creating miracles! Salut!"

Given through Susan Leland, March 16, 2011.