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viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011


May 17, 2011

"Well, Greetings Family! It is so delightful that we are here again, even though we're running a bit late as you measure time, we've got a lot to talk about. So we shall be humm, concise, as concise as we can be. We want to first acknowledge that of course you all know that this week is Wesak, and we welcome the coming of the Buddha, and all of the Beloved Company, the Bringers of the Light. And indeed the [Wesak] Valley is bright, and so is the World. This Moon shines down upon all, and no matter what you may believe about the composition of the Moon, put it aside, and just enjoy the Light, because that energy that that Light radiates is real!

"We have openings occurring, big openings. Oh yes, there's a tremendous amount of communion going on. The radiance that comes from the Moon and floods Planet Earth - each in its own particular time and way as the Earth turns - this is joyful indeed, and the fact that it is a reflection from the Great Sun of this Solar System is delightful indeed, but remember, and this is really Big, remember Beloved Ones, that we together are now meeting and greeting this Light that shines down, as we raise ourselves up. And it's happening. And it's happening more and more for each and every one of you.

"There is a saying that you have on Planet Earth, and it is a wake up call. Yes it is. And it is most often given by parents who are responsible for their children's waking up. But here it is. It is called 'Rise and Shine.' Well guess what? This Family is doing this, has been doing it, and is doing it even more! Now we could spend some minutes in your time - oh, we could spend hours or days, going into the science of what is taking place upon the Planet at this time, however in the interests of being concise - well, we have a little coaching from the Voice - she prefers that we not go to that place of science, or at least that we minimize it.

"So here we are, and we want to tell you, you're rising and you're shining, and the more you do, the more you can do, the higher you can soar, and the brighter you can shine. And when we come together in this communion celebration, it is absolutely huge! Now, we have taken a bit of time with the teachings that we have come through to teach - Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. You have all heard those, and you have all heard I, Ashtar, or read that I have said that these are the cornerstones of the foundation of what I am here to teach. And it is not just me, Beloved Family, it is the same teachings. They have been here.

"The Buddah smiles even bigger, because it's taking hold so beautifully all over the World, these teachings of Love, these teachings of Peace, and yes, these teachings of awakening to the inner wisdom, even as things seem to be somewhat falling apart in the outer World. This is all exactly the way it is flowing. And when we say flowing, believe me, but you can think of it as a mighty river, peaceful yes, but mighty, powerful. So everything is flowing in the exact manner that is going to support even more these teachings, which are making it so clear that there is a resurgence of the awakened Heart, which is now being much more, shall we say, the Commander within each and every individual.

"So it is that you are thinking with your Hearts and determining the directions that you want to go in. And everybody is moving up, up, and home into the Ascension realization, the manifestation of Ascension, the what you call the zero hour, and that's a very fitting name - zero point - point of creation, creating a whole new reality. But what is happening is that these new realities, old realities, really higher dimensionalities, are coming more and more to the Earth, because you're meeting them, and literally taking hold, if you can imagine such a thing, and bringing them more!

"You're spreading the news as you radiate, and so what is happening is that the Earth rises with you even as the new energies come in, and it is a blending and harmonious communion that is taking place. So we are headed right into - oh if you want to think of it as a little bit of a storm, that's OK. You might be noticing that a lot of the storms and the quakings and shakings have subsided a bit. This is another topic we shall be discussing. Mother Earth is getting it. She is responding.

"Now there's going to be a big shock to those who are, for some reason or other, counting on Armageddon happening soon, because it's not, and you all know that. And so there is going to have to be some reconsideration of what future Earth is going to be on the part of those who figured it was all over, or would be all over very soon. So they're getting some wake up calls too. The Light that you shine radiates and touches every living thing on Planet Earth as it does Mother Gaia Herself.

"The more you rise, the more we commune, the more Mother Gaia says, 'Oh, that feels so good!' - because of course Mother Gaia is ascending also. Now we are reaching the Golden Age. The Golden Age is like high vibrational 3D with as much - they used to call it tripping, but we'll call it rising into higher dimensional life styles - as your evolving bodies can do. Which brings us up to the big announcement for the evening, although we have already, what do you call it? We have done soft openings on this already. All righty, here's the big grand opening now. This is it. This is huge!

"Whether you have just joined us for the first time in this memorable evening, whether you are joining us for the fiftieth or hundredth time, we want to tell you, Beloved Ones, that your perseverance, your dedication, your commitments, and your Heart-based courage - courage, yes courage - it takes some courage sometimes to listen and to allow yourself to envision all that is being spoken of here. We're talking about the high vibrations, we're talking about Heaven on Earth, we're talking about Ascension, and the crystalline bodies that you're all evolving into.

"So it does take some courage. Most of all it takes your Love. We have reached a point in our togetherness where you, Beloved Ones, are flying so high, particularly in our exercises that we do together, that we are able to, shall we say, direct some additional energies into your beings - with your full permission - that enable you to hold the high vibrations in your beings, even stronger, even longer, even better! You see, you meet us, and then we can do what we call, offering you upgrades, and when we join together, whether it be live, or in the recordings, or even for those who read the transcripts, some of them, (not everyone does the exercises when they read them, you know) it is to get into such a high vibration that you have more of a permanence with it!!! And so you are able to drink in, shall we say, the energies of the higher dimensions more. First of all you can take in more, and secondly you can hold them easier, so it becomes less and less, shall we say work, or takes less and less time, or however you want to see easiness coming, where you can raise yourselves up

into these higher vibrations more and more and more...Continued at..

* Tara & Rama -


*** Sananda and The Marys

**** The Blessing Song by Lei'ohu Rhyder -

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

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