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miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

A beautiful reminder that, of course, Baba is still with us.

Everyone is feeling so sad and down..even the plants, leaves , bushes and flowers here at Puttaparthi look as tho they are drooping with sadness....Coming out of the darshan of the samadhi mandir we felt ," O how nice it used to be, waiting for Swami to be wheeled around seeing His smile and abhaya hasta.".Coming back to the room we found vibhuthi on the heart shaped photo and we recognised Him on the large tube of Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works
He is telling us again and again, " here I am" here I am;" I have not gone anywhere"
Love and Peace

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It is pure love that bestows liberation. You should endeavour to attain this holistic love. To attain liberation, people undertake all sorts of spiritual practices, but love is the undercurrent of all spiritual endeavours. Bhakti (devotion) is a spiritual practice based on love. Devotion is not merely singing Bhajans or performing sacred rituals. True devotion is a direct flow of selfless and unconditional love from your heart to God. In the spiritual practices that people undertake, there is some amount of selfishness. Offer your love to God devoid of the least trace of selfishness or desire. The annihilation of desire is verily liberation.