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lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

ASHTAR SHERAN - Preview next conference the 8th of March

Greetings, Beloved Family! As always, we shall have much to report when next we gather!* We are focusing intently on the World's voices, as all of Mother Gaia's kingdoms are speaking out for Peace, Freedom and Abundance.
You are, of course, aware of the human aspect of what I am saying.

Make no mistake about this - It is the human kingdom which, in raising such passionate voice, is leading the way forward into the long-awaited changes! 

All of the other kingdoms, and Mother Gaia herself, are responding, each in their own way, to this human momentum.
The crystals are awakening, or activating, at an intensified speed, because their wait is over. 

The plants and animals who will be ascending are evolving, although not as intensely as you humans, because they are already in peaceful knowledge of their destination. 

And you humans are experiencing varying phases of preparations for your part in the Great Ascension!
We are very 'tuned in' to you and your experiences, and we have great compassion for the challenges you may be facing. 

Some of you are in deep financial lack, others are struggling with disharmonious relationships, yet others are having painful physical traumas. 

Be joyful - You are now in the timeflow (March) which is bringing you such empowering energies, even more so than before, that you can claim your Mastery with more ease than ever!!!
So, we shall continue to support all of the wondrous changes which are happening worldwide! We shall share our loving energies as ONE with all of Mother Gaia's kingdoms. 

And, most especially in our gathering, we shall do our Peace Exercise to strengthen your own individual evolvements!
It is to be relaxed and open enough to partner with these incoming energies of Love, Joy and High Dimensions, that we shall join with you to achieve. 

We ask that you bring your visions, for yourselves individually, and for the Ascension of Planet Earth. 

In this precious time together,* Beloved Ones, we shall indeed be in great assistance to the entire World, even as we further the progress for each and every one of you!!!"

Given through Susan Leland, March 6, 2011