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domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, May 14, 2011

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I come to you today with love and healing for we see that you are in the thick of it. The dark forces have been relentless in how they are treating humanity.

They know that their days on the Earth are limited. They are trying to take as much as they can from you before losing all of their power.

It is an unraveling process. 

As they are being blasted with the Light they are still trying to squeeze out as much as they can from you.

Whether it is by spreading fear, greed, lack, violence, or poisonous thoughts and messages sent to humanity, the battle between the Light and dark is in full speed.

You are the pillars of Light that assist in stabilizing the planet and her people. 

We assist you along the way. We monitor the planet both in space, on the surface as well as in the inner Earth. 

We all work together cohesively with other members of the space family and Light Realms. 

We are as busy as you and are as committed as you to the cause.

Right now we want to comfort you. We want you to know that you have the entire Force of Creation with you to usher you and the Earth into a new way of being. 

You are loved and protected, guided and healed. We need you just as much as you need us.

From our vantage point there are treacherous areas around the planet that need extra focus of the Light.

Many of you are guided where to direct your prayers and Light energy. 

Always follow this guidance. We ask you to also continue to send Light to Japan; the nuclear reactors are still in jeopardy. 

The truth is not being told in the media. 

Please send such energies to all places of nuclear energy around the planet to strengthen them and the many fault lines upon which they are constructed.

The areas of Australia, New Zealand, the Gulf of Mexico, all of the coastal areas around the planet, the ocean floor, China, the West coast and East Coast of the United States, and Mexico could use strengthening with your love and Light.

We work with you to stabilize situations and you are the pivotal points of Light transcendence.

The climate and weather changes are also producing insecurity and unknown anxiety amongst the populace. 

We can tell you though that nature does take care of itself and will adjust and adapt accordingly. 

You may not like it but you will too. Every place on the Earth is going through this adaptation process. 

It is a necessary one that facilitates the Earth’s cleansing. 

In the end, humanity will have greater respect of the Earth and nature.

As the Light continues to shine upon you the truth becomes enhanced. 

At a certain break point all secrets will be revealed. 

You will see some empires crumble and wrongs will be corrected for the benefit of humanity.

This will be a time of reconciliation on many levels.

We watch with keen awareness of this process that is now in full swing. 

Our view of the corruption would be more than your minds could comprehend. 

You will know what we are saying when the time is right for the revelations to come out.

You are living in the accelerated energies of ascension. These energies are interwoven as threads towards a new civilization on planet Earth. 

From now on there is much that will be happening at breakneck speed. 

You must stay grounded and in the Light.

We are with you. You are blessed and loved.

I am Mira.

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In Conclusion

We know everything that we need to know at this time to continue with our Light work. 

We are guided in every role that we play in the ascension process.

Our empathy levels and awareness continue to expand. It is important that we follow our hearts fully with our choices.

The chaos will continue for a while. The end of 2012 will be a powerful time for us. 

If we stay connected, united in the Light, clear our fears and issues, co-operate and help each other, we will progress beautifully during these challenging times.

It is why we are here and we have the credentials and the expertise to direct and co-facilitate the ascension of the planet.

I align with you, ground crew, that we will get the job done that we came here to do. 

We will do it well in the highest good of all.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner

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Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive, energy healer, teacher, channel and the founder of She works with the Masters and the Archangelic Realms to bring forth important information from the heart and soul to bring powerful healing for her clients. 

She has been meditating twice daily for nearly 40 years which allows her to go deeply in her work. 

As an ex health care executive she understands the corporate world. She can be reached for personal phone sessions at:
P.O. Box 5705
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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ASHTAR ON THE ROAD "All Inclusive Love"

Ashtar addressing the May 3, 2011 teleconference:

"Well, Greetings, Beloved Family! My goodness, the dominoes are literally falling faster than ever before!

And that is a good description of what is happening. You may be feeling a sense of chaos, disruption, and energies coming in that create senses of disruption and imbalance within yourselves, but it’s all coming together. 

It’s like adding different ingredients to a recipe. 

There’s this going on, and this going on, and this going on and right now it's all just a big blob in the bowl but it's all going to turn out just fabulously well, and that’s exactly what is going on now.

"Now we’ve done quite a bit of scanning in preparation of being together here, Beloved Ones, and we can assure you that if you were having some feelings of disruption or some feelings of not knowing, or indecisiveness, or questioning or whatever, we want to assure you that this is not the first time that you have been told stories made up by certain ones in the dark hat positions and in high positions in the government of the United States of America, and indeed all around the world.

"Why do they make up these stories? Well, to instill fear, a sense of loss, a sense of no longer having a leader who can show the way to the promised land, or whatever the leader is there to do.

They’re very good at this. And they make up the stories to suit themselves even as they make the blueprints or the plans for the deeds for people to witness, or think they’re witnessing –- remember those computerized simulations of the plane going into the Pentagon on 9-11? Ah yes, that was quite a story wasn’t it? 

And because there were live shots, live film of the planes hitting the towers in New York City, of course everybody looked at those simulations and said, 'Woah, that’s for real.'

"And now, of course, it is coming out from more than one source that that really wasn’t the case, that it was bombed, and that it was an unmanned small drone plane that went into the Pentagon. 

That is history/herstory that is coming alive, leaping into prominence with a lot of background; a lot of background of the lies that have been told to enslave, to exercise control over, to get money, to create chaos so that, well, the fondest wish has not come true yet, that is the imposition of martial law, not in this country but is has in others and you know that, and the next thing to martial law is in fact in place in the United States of America, and ‘papers please’ has perhaps become more of a reality.

"But remember this, Beloved Ones, for all of these things that are happening there’s another side to the story. 

Yes, of course, there were multiple Bin Ladens. 

Do you think that the CIA would not have created more than one clone? Think of them as the clonies. The clones go marching in.

So all of this hubbub and furor over Bin Laden’s demise, what’s that really for? Well, it’s a double agent kind of thing.

"On the one hand what the dark hats were hoping to do with this concoction was to bring Bin Laden back, even if he is a ghost, to instill more fear -- Who’s going to be next?

What are they going to do? How many terrorist attacks are going to be retaliation for this daring operation? You get the drift, don’t go there. 

What it really does, and what is to be celebrated, is the fact that it created a kind of togetherness on the part of the people.

Euphoria that someone was killed, no, but a sense of resolution and guess what? 

Now the dark hats can’t hold Bin Laden up as the number one culprit to justify all of these unjustified wars. 

They did the same with Saddam. You think that was Saddam they pulled out of that hole and hung? Think again!

"They have many, many times told you that somebody or other has been removed from their physicality, their physical presence, their bodies. In some cases yes, in some cases no.

And then, of course, there are the biggies they told –- no, Reagan wasn’t killed by that gun shot, he was just barely wounded and indeed made a most remarkable miraculous recovery, in view of the fact that millions of people saw him get shot, and were told where he was shot before the censors got involved.

So, there are all kinds of 'Yes, that one really did leave the body, and no, that one did not,' [messages] that have been going on all of these years.

"And what’s the point? The point is that all is part of the story, the history/herstory of untruth which is unraveling now. The dominoes are falling. 

People are questioning whether this was the real Bin Laden and how come he was buried at sea, and so on and so on. 

You don’t need to spend time with that unless it is of interest to you. 

The truth of it is, no it was not the Bin Laden.

It was just somebody that they had installed to be his clonie, or look-alike.

It doesn’t really matter what the details are, the point is to see it as a turning point.

See it as more dominoes falling. That’s how Obama sees it.

"Obama has two sets of advisors. He has the ones that think they’re pulling his strings, that think that they have him under control; and then he has the real ones.

His guides are Sananda, KOS, and others, and he knows that their program is coming about absolutely beautifully. 

Everything is in sync -- synchronization, balance, preparation.

"We have told you many times there is a Golden Age, you have to have some time to be in high vibrational joy, you have to have some time to taste and live the freedom, the empowerment that each and everyone of you is claiming even now. 

You have to have some time to take part in the worldwide clean up. 

Whether it’s you cleaning up your own energy fields or helping others to do the same, or working directly with Mother Nature, Mother Gaia, or doing all of these things.

And yes, Beloved Ones, when you no longer have a J.O.B. job, or when you have your health and your energy, you will be able to work simultaneously on all of these things - 24-7.

"Remember, when you clear yourself, when you help another in human body to clear, or when you help any member of any of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms you are helping to clear the planet. 

And why do you clear the planet? To get ready for Ascension!

But there will be this time, this Golden Age, this wondrous time, abundance for all –- shower everybody with gold! And everybody can taste the freedom, and everybody can set their course.

Are you going for the high dimensional outcome of Ascension? Or are you going to stay and exist in lower vibrational 3D earth, lower 3D earth, and go to that place where you can continue to live all of the traumas and dramas and have some of the players, perhaps still on the stage, or new ones, taking their place, and in your spare time you can wrestle with the dinosaurs, or whatever it is you want to do? Of course, you’re not going there. 

We have already told you that, you’re all on track for high vibe Ascension and you’re all here to be Leaders and you’re all here to beam!

"And you are all getting splattered with something or other. 

Here is something that Mother Sekhmet was talking about a while ago which had to do with checking your stress levels, only then the outcome of that was check your Joy Levels,* and we recommend you follow that practice and check your Joy Levels! Now, when you get something - Splat! - in your face do some breathing, some clearing, get your Nano Wands or do something to focus on high vibrational frequencies –- Love and Joy and Gratitude.

And when you feel sufficiently cleared of the low vibration, or the fear, then tell yourself, 'I’m ready for the wisdom!!!' Put that out there to the Universe.

Call in your guides if you wish: 'I’m ready for the wisdom, and by the way let’s check my Joy Factor, my Joy Level!'

"And you can do that with kinesiology or you can just ask your guides. 

It depends upon what gives you the innermost answers, the highest level of strength and the answers that you get - you could do both. 

And stay in that high vibration of Joy, no matter what. Send Love to all involved and release it. 

That’s a way of releasing without saying I need to get rid of this or that. 

And you can do that with any of your baggage that still remains, any area of your energy fields. We know, we’ve told you this before.

"Alrighty, we heard the voice telling you the significance of the date as it appears on your calendar. 

New moon yesterday, what does that mean? It means create. 

It’s time for us to move ahead together to do even more to create the Golden Age, to shine even brighter upon the world.

And that is our focus and that is what we are going to do tonight. 

So we have answered your question about Osama, so we shall go on with another question.

"What about Mother Gaia’s shiftings, how is that going, or coming? Look at it from the high perspective of Love, Beloved Ones. 

If you go into fear, what are you going to do? You might even, well if there are enough of you in fear, you might even cause the ground to shake under your very feet.

Let’s not go there! Let’s keep on sending Love to Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms. 

If you have doggies and kitty cats, bring them into your circle, or any kind of animals that you live with or know, bring them into your circle of Love for Mother Gaia.

If you have a tree or some flowers or even blades of grass, or the dirt of the earth, or the air of the sky, or the waters flowing, and you all have something of that, engage them! 

Use a crystal if you wish as a kind of connecting point but connect directly with Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms with Blessings and Joy and absolute delight that Mother Gaia too, is moving into what you might call permanent residence in higher dimensionality.

"Her consciousness is going with you, Beloved Ones. Her consciousness is coming with us and so are most all of her kingdoms.

Rejoice, join hands, reach out and hug, this is the moment to claim your sovereign birthrights to say, 'I stand tall in my courage, in my fields of energy. 

I am ready to take my next step, and my next and my next; the step on the path that leads to the Golden Age right up to Ascension.

And I choose to cross over that dimensional bridge, and I am a Leader and I am bringing other ones with me.’

"There is so much going on, and yes, Mother Gaia has to shift. 

Now, there is a lot of different news, and there are a lot of parallels and levels of 3D even, let alone the other dimensions, that are being looked at.

Believe it! We are mitigating, we have been mitigating, we have even more permission to mitigate because you are here, Beloved Ones, in this gathering.

Because you are focusing your Love on Mother Gaia, and because you are welcoming us into your energy fields. 

Do you know that anytime anyone rolls out the red carpet for us, that gives us even more permission to mitigate, to undo damage which has been done, to heal. 

We are very much present in Japan, we are very much present in the Gulf, we are very much present everywhere, on your Earth, below and above.

"Do not think of us as just being those guys up in the sky. We are with you, Beloved Ones, because you have given us permission to join you in your energy fields.

And because you have, some of you may have read the post-message that I, Ashtar gave on behalf of all of us who come to be helpmates in service to you, Beloved Ones, the ground crew, in this Ascension preparation process. 

And you may have read, yes we know, there was a lot of interference on the telephone lines last time,** but you may have read some of the stories, or the recountings or retellings of experiences in the shifts of energies of those who felt inspired to share about what was going on on that call.***

"You see, there is a whole other 'rest-of-the-story,' shall we say – we do love that phrase - to our gatherings.

And more and more of you are getting it! Be assured that when we gather we don’t come empty handed, we bring gifts to you Beloved Ones, for being with us. 

We bring gifts of Love and Joyful Togetherness because we have made so much progress together. 

Get this: We now have your permission, whether consciously aware of it or not, not only to mitigate what is going on in the world around you, but to be even more assistance to you in your individual energy fields!!! Alrighty, think about that for a moment.

"Feel our togetherness, feel the great Love emanations, or energies, that we bring to you - higher dimensional upliftment! You can add that to your list. 

When we come together in conscious oneness we have exponential capabilities for you to accept these higher energies that we bring into your energy fields, they’re for you, Beloved Ones. It’s not like we zoom in and then we zoom out and take it all with us, that is not he case. 

You have come far enough along the Ascension path that you can hold these energies, that you can keep these energies in your fields to serve you, Beloved Ones! So that you can in turn serve even more, even more powerfully, even more exponentially. Oh we’re so excited - we just can’t help it!!!

"Empower these very words with feelings of power, it has nothing to do with control, and it has everything to do with you looking in the mirror and saying, ‘I AM the power of love, I AM divine, I AM divine sacred spirit in the uniform of the human, that I may serve as Leader and I shine forth, despite my appearances as a human, I shine forth all of the high vibrations of Love, I AM.

I allow the world to feel that Love and that shining forth!’ Now, that’s the purpose, Beloved Ones, of our coming together. 

And we shall have a most Beloved One**** who shall come and as he is so fond of doing, he shall be leading what you can call a pledge - we call it a commitment - to opening to receive this Light of Love even more into your beings; to accept the reality, Beloved Ones, of Who You Really Are, to accept our partnership of Love, of Light and of Joy.

"Just in case you have not shown up for personal discussion with I, Ashtar, or if you have temporarily misplaced this information - We're all here to facilitate this Ascension of Planet Earth, we're all here to join together! 

It’s not you down there and us up here, it’s about Oneness, it’s about coming together. 

We are the bridge to Ascension; we are the power, the empowerment for the world. And it is about presenting Who We Are and allowing each and every individual human to decide whether they want to cross over this Ascension Bridge or whether they want to stay in the box of the lower levels of the third dimension.

"Understand this - that as empowered beings of Love there is no one left out of our Love and so together let us thank the spirit, the legacy, of Osama Bin Laden, who really didn’t do 9-11 anyway, but let us just be thankful that we have learned so many lessons and that the Planet has learned so many lessons and that people are asking questions, even if they don’t have any knowledge, even if they don’t even know who Tara and Rama and Ashtar and the Ashtar Command are. 

Let us give thanks, because they’re getting waked up even as we gather here!

"You see, Light illuminates. The 'illuminati' think it’s a big joke but, ha-ha, the joke is on them. 

The naughties are being illuminated with Lovelight, which they might not find so lovely but nevertheless that is where we are headed, Beloved Ones, because you and the Lightworkers have given permission for us to be here with you, to join you in service, to be the Lights, the beamers, and the Bridges to the higher dimensions!

So it’s all about Who We Are and where we’re going and it’s all about how much Love we bring.

"And you, Beloved Ones, are extensions of us, you are us, with us, just simply in a little different uniform, and therefore you beam our message because you’ve all agreed on this before you came into these human uniforms.

"And so we have so much to share and so much Love to give to the Planet, so let’s focus on Love, and yes, we understand the history/herstory is fascinating, but let us always be in loving vibration as we view it. Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude that these dominoes are falling, that the stories are unraveling and that finally the great Light of Truth is shining so bright upon the Planet that more and more of the wondrous beings in the human bodies are waking up.

"And here is one final thought - it is a great relief that these things are finally coming out.

It is very stressful to be a dark hat on the run, or trying to hide from this great Light of Love and as they realize that hiding doesn’t work, or that running doesn’t work, the whole of Planet Earth is being lit up, yes, above, on and below! Even fifty levels below, ah-hah!

"And so it is that we are shifting together, and just as Mother Gaia is shifting and will continue to do so, all of humanity is shifting and we are able to shift and adjust so as to bring in even more of the energies of Love to you and to the Planet.

And so let us remember that Mother Gaia is doing some weather things. 

Don’t blame it all on HAARP - we are disabling HAARP. It is time for her to shift, we are mitigating to the greatest extent possible and yes, we are partnering with humans in this.

"So let us remember to be continually sending Love to the entire Planet and perhaps an extra helping to those who are in trouble spots -– they see them as trouble spots, shifting spots is what we should say, shifting spots, changing spots, places which are being cleansed. 

Now you have not seen half of the North American continent drop into the sea have you? That’s not really part of the plan.

"And you have seen places that are under water but this is water from the storms.

What cleanses? Water. And there are other opportunities for observations for instance, rivers that have been polluted wantonlessly or carelessly which are now overflowing their banks and are making their pollution quite visible. 

It is not to be ignored because as the waters recede and people realize what was in those rivers there will be an outcry, will there not? 

And of course we can assist in the cleansing. That is only one example.

"Sometimes preparation seems harsh, and we are not for one moment discounting even one body that has been left. 

We rather say ‘honor all of those, all of those wondrous beings who have agreed to leave their bodies in order to highlight pollutions.’

You think the radioactivity story is over? No.

But we would really appreciate and welcome all communications that you choose to send out, telepathically, on paper, email, in whatever way you can, to urge those in charge to shut down the nuclear plants before there is another happening or event anywhere in the world -– anywhere in the world. Get behind that one! 

There are already movements and organizations, so remember to call for the closure of all nuclear plants in some manner or other.

Give permission for clean energy to come, how’s that?!!!

"Create the vision of a world powered by clean energy, and that automatically eliminates the fossil fuels, the drilling, the fracking, the radioactive emissions and everything that goes with it.

That is old stuff, it has no place in the ascended world! 

And you can apply this to anything that is damaging or detrimental in any way to any of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms, including the humans, and to Mother Gaia herself.

"Use your power, Beloved Ones, shine the Light bright and put it out to the World that you know that it’s time for major, major changes.

The more you do to support this, the more we come!!! And perhaps you may think that we are in silent support, or hidden support, right now.

Well, keep your eyes to the skies and when you see us, wave, say 'hello,' ask for messaging, ask for greetings. 

We love you, Beloved Ones, and we are here now because, let us just say, the balance has shifted.

We are the power, we are the Leaders to the wondrous Golden Age and beyond, to higher dimensions. You’ve done it, Beloved Ones!!!

"Let’s just keep rolling together and know that your kingdoms are bright because you are here, and please accept the gifts that we bring to you without end, without diminishment, just simply getting exponentially more and more powerful to empower you as we fly upon this path together.

So we have chosen some rather powerful music,***** so relax and enjoy, and we shall join again together in an expression of commitment.

Our Peace Exercise for this evening - well I’ve just given you the program, so breathe in the Love, breathe in the togetherness, and hugs to all! And so it is. Salut!"





Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, May 3, 2011. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011. 

All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

Lord Of Sirius. - “Embrace Your Brothers And Sisters On Sirius… Be The Impeccability Of Your Position As An Earth Keeper”

“Embrace Your Brothers And Sisters On Sirius…
Be The Impeccability Of Your Position As An Earth Keeper”
Beloved Ones,

You have reached a turning point, yet another blessed shift, in your quest for mastery.

You have reached the point of light, the point where the light indeed is more powerful upon your planet than the darkness. 

It may not seem so, yet it is an illusion, as is this lifetime you are living. 

It is a very powerful illusion, one which you have each chosen so that you may experience the great gifts which you will receive, as you learn and incorporate your life lessons and tests.

Darkness is simply the absence of light, yet darkness brings fear and paralyzes you into inaction, a condition which is not conducive to your growth, it is not beneficial to you, to those around you and to all life and the earth. 

Fear feeds on fear and continues to add to the illusion of chaos and destruction, which you are all rising above. 

And indeed you are rising above it, dear ones. Know that this is so, within the very core of your beings. 

You are each a great divine being of light, how can it be any other than so? You are pure light, you are the light of God and there is no darkness within this light. 

This light is pure; it is teeming with adamantine particles.

It is the light of all creation, just waiting for you to let it in. Let it flow dear ones, let it flow unimpeded, in your reality. 

Let it flow in through your crown chakra; let it flow to and through you, filling your field and every aspect and facet of you.

Let it flow into mother earth, let it flow out to the planet and let it flow to all creation.

Let this light shine as the bright and blessed being, this great divine being of light which you are.

Step forth into your mastery, dear ones, Greatness is but a heartbeat away. 

Greatness lies in your determination, your dedication, your perseverance, your great and burning desire to live God, to be God, to know and experience the light in every moment of your Now. 

This is greatness, this is who you are, each and every one of you.

It is not for a chosen few, it is for every soul on this planet and every soul who is in the cycle of reincarnation for this planet.

It is now that the ascension is near, that you are needed more than ever, to flow, be, and live this God Light, to be and shine your magnificent light in every now moment.

We, upon the shining light called Sirius, have been with you, since the inception of your incarnations upon your blessed planet earth. 

We have nurtured those who would hold the light even as your planet fell into darkness.

We have assisted and been a way station for those who have continued in their dedication and determination to lift your planet up from the effluvia of the third dimension.

We have been here with you, and hosted your blessed souls, assisting them in their learning process on the inner planes, as they have raised their consciousness to return to the fold of the family of light.

Sirius has been a way station in your universe, for those of the light, to visit, to incorporate their wisdom into the tapestry of life for those of you who are ready to have new wisdom, new teachings, which will assist your technology and your growth in all ways.

It is wondrous, the assistance which has been offered by those of the Christed light, those who are so ready and willing to lend their assistance, to you and your beloved planet, as you ascend into the light.

Reach out to us, your brothers and sisters on Sirius. Go into meditation with the intention to connect with me, to connect with the blessed Christed beings of Sirius.

Set your intention to connect with the blessed group vibration of the ascended masters.

Sirius has been a gathering point, a way station for these blessed beings, who have delayed their progression and growth in the light, to assist you in yours. 

As you move more fully into the light, these blessed beings, will begin to make their focal point the planet earth. It is already happening, beloved ones. 

More and more, the ascended masters, the Council of Light, are gathering on your planet, as they once again, fully make Mt. Shasta, Shambhala, and other sacred sites their home. 

As crystalline activations are completed in the fullness of the diamond light, the Council of Light will once more take up residence in many sacred locations which have received the full light of the diamond crystalline vibration.

Go into meditation, allow yourselves to be open to receiving the vibration of a sacred site which will resonate with you. 

With this resonation, you will also feel the vibrations and resonation of the ascended masters associated with this sacred site.

Add your light to the whole, dear ones; add your light to the fullness of the vibrations of the diamond light to assist the sacred sites into full consciousness. They too, are conscious, make no mistake. 

Just as your mother earth has consciousness, so do the sacred sites and nodes of power, through the added influence and continuity of the formation of particular grids and leylines which are most significant to each sacred site. 

Flow your light to the sacred site which resonates with you, dear ones. 

Flow your light and assist the coming into full consciousness and power of the diamond light, for this sacred site.

You are needed, each and every one of you. As you assist your beloved mother earth, embrace her in joy. 

You are each earth keepers, each and every one of you, as you agreed to be a steward and keeper of your earth and all life forms. 

Step into the impeccability of this position which you so lovingly and joyfully agreed to. 

Be with it, quietly, and ask for validation. Ask to feel the love of your earth, of these sacred sites you are to assist. 

Ask for the validation within your sacred heart; ask for the validation however it may come to you. 

And then let it be, dear ones, step into the fullness of your position as an earth keeper as you honor and nurture, and love and cherish your earth and all life forms.

Step into this impeccability dear ones, and you will find that you no longer desire to support those who would desecrate your beloved mother earth, in the pillaging of her resources. 

Your beloved planet will share her resources willingly with you, if you will only open your consciousness to the technology which is being offered to you. It is placed in the ethers for you to tap into.

Do so now, beloved ones, do so and lift yourselves up and your planet, into the flow and synchronicity of abundance, which will begin to flow through you, as you make use of the new technology available to you. 

This technology will set you free, and it will honor your earth in gentle use of her resources.

We are with you in great love and assistance. We are a way station, a great center of learning for you, as you travel the inner planes. 

Visit us, visit our ascension seats, call on us. 

We are Christed beings, with you through eternity, celebrating with you, this blessed time of ascension.

I am Lord of Sirius.

You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Lord of Sirius through Rev. 

Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to:

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All my Love and Blessings,