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lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011


(Ashtar speaks about time as he observes it in 3D):
"Greetings, Beloved Family! As we are about to gather again in this joyful togetherness of Oneness,* let us reflect upon where we have been together. It has been a long journey, indeed! We have experienced sameness of purpose and mission in other of your lifetimes and dimensional presences. Sometimes you have been with me on my ship, the New Jerusalem. At other times you have been with our Fleet upon your own ships. Yet at still other times you have been on a particular planet, representing the civilization our ships were visiting. In all cases you 'knew' me and your starseed brothers and sisters, but for many of you, you have not been consciously aware of the Ashtar Command during your lifetimes on Planet Earth until this one.
"So, we are once again together in service, in this Greatest Mission on Earth. We can only tell you what Joy we feel as you, our ground crew in human uniforms, turn up your Lights to full recognition of our togetherness, our Oneness in purpose and preparation for this great shift, the Ascension of Planet Earth and all participating members of Mother Gaia's kingdoms! We stand together, Beloved Ones, and while there is still much to do, we can assure you that all is 'on track' and moving forward at warp speed! Preparations are more intense than ever - indeed we are at the very brink of new revelations and announcements in all areas, as our work culminates in 'public' results!
"Now, we are aware that many of you are 'boggled' by 3D concerns. It is entirely appropriate that you be feeling the weight of them. And you do know why - each and every one of you! This is the time to be looking at your fears, concerns, worries, etc., from a higher perspective - from the perspective of a Master!!! Even if your moments of mastery come and go, it is for every one of you to consciously and deliberately practice with the greatest level of certitude, the perspective, attitude and knowing that you are indeed a Master walking the Earth!
"The entire World and the Universe beyond has waited for this time of change, and for you, Beloved Family, to be Ascension Leaders toward the Light of the Higher Dimensions. We shall lift up together into this perspective when we do our Exercise for Peace, even while offering our Love to Mother Gaia and to all in the World who are experiencing such extreme difficulties as severe weather, toxins, disinformation, imbalances and all manner of blockages within their energy fields.
"Let us gather in Love as you accept the gifts we bring to this celebration and as we share them compassionately and unconditionally with all of Planet Earth from the perspective of the Master! Salut!"

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