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sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011


"I AM St. Germain, and I stand in the Violet Ray with the Masters, the Teachers, and all of the Dwellers of the Higher Dimensionalities. And I stand with you, Beloved Family, here in this gathering. We are One. We are equal in Love, in Light, and empowerment. And it is my announcement to you that it is now the time in the dimension of 3D that we stand together, and raise our vibrations into the higher levels. It is time, as you measure it, Beloved Ones, to come where there is no time.

"It is time for us to be united as Family in all of the service that we are here to do.

"It is time for you to always feel the presence of us together as One in all of your endeavors, in all of your moments. And it is time for us to move forward even more upon this great Path of Life that we are here to be upon together!

"And so I ask that you take some breaths and repeat after me, aloud, or in your beloved hearts and minds, a new commitment, a higher level of commitment, even then we have done before, because this, Beloved Ones, is the moment as you measure, as you measure time and dates. We have entered a whole new phase on this Path, because you've come, and because you're here, and because it is understood by all of the Light (Beings), whether in human bodies, or beyond.

"We are together. We are One together in the Love of Who We All Are. We've never really been apart, you know. And now we have this opportunity to give voice to our togetherness, to our commitment, to the service that we are here to do, and most of all to Love, Love of our mission, Love for the entire Planet Earth, below, on, and above, and yes, empowerment, that we may be heard and felt even more as great Lights upon the Planet!

"Know this, Beloved Ones, (that) we who come from the Higher Dimensions, as you call them, could not have accomplished all that has been accomplished, if you had not made us welcome. If you weren't with us, Earth would not be on this High Road at this moment. Keep that in mind.

"And now let us stand together. Let us hold hands even. Feel, feel, that energy of holding hands of being One together. Just feel the Love! And now if you will, you can say after me:

"I stand tall in the Light of the Love I AM.

"I have all of my being, all of my energy fields, focused upon the One We

All Are.

"And I rejoice in the empowerment even now coming more into my fields,

"Love and Light unending, lifting me up, because I give permission for it to be so!

"I give permission to Myself to claim my Sovereign Freedom, to fly upon my

path of mission, to heal all that is to be healed within me, to receive

inspirations from the totality of the Love I AM, and to be inspired even more by

the One We All Are, and to give unceasingly, unendingly, of this great Love Light


"I embrace Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms.

"And I say to all, below, on, and above this bright Planet:

"I AM here to serve, and

I renew my vow of commitment, even as I express infinite Love, Respect, and

Gratitude to all members of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms, and all of the Light Beings

in the dimensions beyond three.

"And I recognize that I AM Light Being in the body of the Human.

"And I give permission to my Beloved Body to hold

these higher energies of Love and Light, to lift up even more, and to remember

at all times, Who I AM, Divine Being in mission and service to all,

Planet Earth and beyond.

"And so it is, I commit the Totality, the Divinity, and the Sacredness of Who I AM.

"And I join with all Divine Beings in the Universe to further even more the

Ascension of Planet Earth.

"And so it is! And so I AM!"

"And I, St. Germain, speak for all of us here joined in thanking you, Beloved Ones, for renewing your commitment for being the great Lights of Love You Are, and for being here in this Company, sharing your Love Light, expressing your own Divinity, and welcoming in even more empowerment of Divine and Sacred Love.

"Let the Light shine always in your beautiful Beings, and remember always that we came together with this Declaration, if you will, and that upon this day, and this time, as you call it, we assisted Mother Gaia and all of Her Kingdoms to move even farther upon the Path of Ascension, and into the Golden Age, as it appears and comes even closer, because we have made it so!

"Let your Light shine, and let the World be even brighter in each succeeding moment, because of what we have done here in this moment. Thank you, Beloved Family. And so it is! Namaste!"

Elise: "Mother's here. It is your turn Mother Sekhmet!"


"I've just got to tell you, you just get brighter and brighter. You just get higher and higher, and there's no stopping you! Whatever it is ('baggage') was not present where you went just now, and we're still there. Whatever it is that is of 3D concern is not here now. Savor it, remember it, practice it, and be all lit up, all the time as you measure it. Congratulations - another milestone has been passed! I AM honored, Beloved Ones, to be here on this path together with you. Kudos, congratulations, appreciation, and above all L-O-V-E! And so it is! Namaste!"

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

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