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miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

SAI BABA. the 'innernet' there exists only one Soul, and therefore, only one Truth

within the 'innernet' there exists only one Soul, and therefore, only one Truth.

As Sohin usually communicates with me on Sundays to transmit his message, yesterday, Sunday morning, I sent him a telepathic message to know if he was going to contact me, and he said that he would not that day, that he would contact me next week.

Today, Monday, I feel like channeling, I don't know why; so I sit at my screen and empty my mind, making myself available to some Soul who would like to transmit something to the readers in search of the Light. 

I relax my body and mind, and allow myself to be carried by a feeling of emptiness and peaceful inner well-being...

And who appears, but Sathya Sai Baba! For me, it is always an honor and an immense joy to acknowledge the presence of my Master!

Baba: Sai Ram

Kris-Won: Hello Swami. Sai Ram? It is the first time I hear you say the Sai Ram mantra to greet me.

Baba: Is this not the greeting that you, my devotees, use when you meet one another?

Kris-Won: Well, yes, essentially.

Baba: Would you like to ask me something?

Kris-Won: Well, yes, I would like you to tell the readers and me a little about the times we are going through right now, for there are so many things being said on the Internet...

Baba: Of course, because it is not on the Internet where you should search, but on the 'innernet.' 

On the Internet many people write, thousands of them, and each one adds part of their own 'mental factory' to the channelings they do. 

On the contrary, within the 'innernet' there exists only one Soul, and therefore, only one Truth. 

There are no multiple theories, which are purely mental, but only one authentic one.

Kris-Won: You are right, Baba. Nevertheless, sometimes it is easier to open the computer and read what others say before one listens to our own inner voice.

Baba: It seems that is the most comfortable thing to do because, in the Western world, you are not used to meditating; rather, you read thousands and thousands of newspapers, magazines and books, or spend hours in front of the TV, having your mind disconnected from reality.

If you could see yourselves when you are watching TV! You seem like vegetables, only looking, without discerning! And what is sadder is that you do not meditate on God, who is your original fountain. 

It is a regrettable waste of time. And time is gold; the time you waste is irretrievable; there is no way to go back; what is lost, is lost and wasted, it cannot be recovered.

Kris-Won: Yes, it is what you always say, but we do not pay much attention to you. 

That is, people read your messages, but when it comes to putting them into practice... that is another matter. I beg your pardon, Sir.

Baba: I am speaking in general, I am not speaking of you in particular, although it is true that you could do more than what you are doing.

Kris-Won: Even more? Swami, I barely have time to do my own things!

Baba: Yes you could. It is a matter of managing well your time.

Sometimes you spend a lot of time doing the same thing, and you could shorten this time. In this way, you could do new things, or take up what you hadn't finished...

Kris-Won: Touché. I will try to be more concise in my work and not get lost somewhere, ("no perderme por los cerros de Úbeda"; literally, not to get lost in the hills of Ubeda), as they say in Spain.

Baba: Mmmm, do not try, do it!

Kris-Won: Yes, Swami, I promise you. And before you go, could you tell us something about the transition times we are going through?

Baba: Yes, yes. The Earth, as you know it, is in an embryonic process just about to give birth to a New Earth, and within this New Earth, a New Humanity will flourish. In order to do this, count on the help of a host of Beings who is increasing in numbers and adding to this vast Army of Light who is confronting the darkness that has kept humanity in the shadows, keeping it enslaved for millenia.

Kris-Won: And when is this change to be expected for sure, Swami?

Baba: You must remain calm and be patient. If you have been under the yoke of the Dark ones for milennia, you can wait a little longer, is that not so?

Kris-Won: Of course. What else can we do? Anyway, all the Light workers, as we are called now, are wishing for the change to come as soon as possible; it is understandable, is it not, Swami?

Baba: Ha, ha, ha! Yes, it is. Patience is not the strength of this planet's humanity.

Kris-Won: Baba, why are there so many people averse to believing in the existence beyond, the incarnate souls, and our brethren from outer space?

Baba: It is difficult for them to accept this because they have spent many lives living totally mundane existences without even thinking about the possibility that there exists life in Spirit, and not only in the bodies. 

You are and think according to what you have done and made up in your mind and personality during your past lives. 

To that we must add the result of your experiences in this current life, in conjunction with your familiar entourage, the type of friends you have had, and the quality of teachings you have received from your teachers. All of that is important.

Kris-Won: I see. Well, Baba, my beloved Sir, I love you so much.

It has been awhile since you have given me one of those wonderful and unforgettable dreams you used to gift me with... I miss them.

Baba: I give always what my son needs, my devout son. Perhaps it is because you don't need them anymore. 

You are doing well, son, keep on like this, and know that I am with you always, guiding you and embracing you when you are sad or burdened. I never leave you unprotected, as you well know.

Kris-Won: Thanks, my Baba. I embrace you. You know that you are always on my mind and in my heart; I am sure you know that.

Baba: Ha, ha, ha! But of course; otherwise, I would not be an Avatar of God.

Kris-Won: Sai Ram, Sir. and thank you very much for coming tonight. I hope that my readers are as delighted as I have been.

Baba: I am also with them. If you are reading these lines, and need me sometime, all you have to do is concentrate on Me and call me, and I will be there instantly! I always come to whoever invokes me. Never forget that!

Kris-Won: Thank you Swami!

(Channeling ended at 1:16 am, February 15, 2011)

Transaltor: Steve E.

SaLuSa 09-02-11. Everything is in its position now and all that remains is to wait for the Creator to give the final announcement to start up the contact with human beings

Everything is in its position now and all that remains is to wait for the Creator to give the final announcement to start up the contact with human beings in a much more open and direct way.

It is Salusa my child. I wanted to come to you before, but evidently your mistrust generated a little perturbation, and as you believed it was impossible for me to come to you, it hindered the communication.

But I want you to know that for a while I’ve been observing your work and we are very happy with what you do.

I had in mind reaching out to you to transmit a message to humanity. 

Before I go on, I want to let you know that it won’t be the last time that I do, as I wish to reach out to as many people as possible, and through the amount of channelers available, we are in revealing times, critical times and we need cooperation and collaboration from all our workers of Light on Earth.

This is the main reason why I have come today.

To make a general call to all languages, Spanish, Portuguese and also English, so that this message is not slowed down in being divulged, through lack of translators, or because the few that there are, are full of work, or because they can’t cope with all the work that must to be done to cover the basic information needs, to translate.

Our message is very simple.

We are in a crucial moment, the starting point, to put things in an horizontal line and give starting call.

Everything is in its position now and all that remains is to wait for the Creator to give the final announcement to start up the contact with human beings in a much more open and direct way.

You must not be afraid of our presence around you. Even though we’re already here and you’re not aware of it, we’ll do it in a much more notorious way and we’ll introduce ourselves openly to the world.

We have done it this way because it was necessary, as I have already mentioned, so that the information comes out at the same time, in many languages.

My earthly brothers and sisters, we find ourselves in a key moment, in the crucial moment, this is not a game, and we need as much collaboration as is possible from you.

To all workers of the Light, just be ready in your places, in your workplaces and the places where you belong and keep doing your work.

You will be called in different ways at the most pressing moments, and you must only answer and do what you came to do in this plane, for this moment.

Those of you who are not clear yet and have been working to do it, it will be activated at the call.

That’s why you have been constantly working with us in the last days.

There are no coincidences, everything has been given por a specific reason, that only the chosen ones, the called ones, felt and answered from the heart, so you must remain calm, as all in its moment will be revealed and you will know at right moment what you came here for and then you will use all your gifts and do what you came here to do.

My child, I will leave you for now, I have nothing else to say for the time being, only that I’m grateful to you, because you have allowed me to come, in the way that you have done, and you know that at any given moment I will visit you again.

A warm and brotherly goodbye for humanity on Earth.

I’ll be with you very soon.

Channeled by:SaräAmma

Traductor : Macarena Herreros


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“It is my wish that all my Children rediscover the taste of freedom”

Gaia will keep eliminating her polluted energy, and just like my Children, it shines and gleams more each day.

Beloved Children

There is a lot of movement in the nucleus of the sun right now. 

This reverberates in the planet, under the form of earthquakes and an intense activity under the Earth. 

This situation, must, one way or another, manifest itself on your physical reality, so more people can awaken. 

And that is precisely what is happening. A mass awakening in the population of the world. 

It is beautiful to see my beloved Children reconnecting to their Divinity once more.

Gaia will keep eliminating her polluted energy, and just like my Children, it shines and gleams more each day. 

The Islamic world is cleaning its shadows and, with conscience, walks on its way to freedom and Ascension. All is in perfect order. 

So, my beloved Children, don’t be afraid. If you see imperfection all around you, you must know this is just one more step towards the Golden Era. All that is old energy must crumble to give way to the new energy.

Support this New World with your constructive thoughts. You are co-creators and craftsmen of your reality, beyond what you imagine. 

Leave prejudice, duality and everything that is unworthy for the person that you are now, behind. Live in joy and in close cooperation with each other.

Rediscover what it is to live in Peace and Harmony, not only with others, but also within you.

It is my wish that all my Children rediscover the taste of freedom.

I want to see all of them united in one common objective: to build a new world where there’s only room for Peace, Love, Unity and Light. I am your Father Creator and you are all infinitely loved.

Traductor:Macarena Herreros


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