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jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

CHRIST MICHAEL - The Sands of Time

The element of time cages man in a euphoric state of non awareness. He counts the milliseconds if he must and watches often the clock to direct him in readiness for moments of importance. He cannot fathom that which is of true import for if he did he would utilise his time more productively. His measurement of time is now obscure for he has lost control of it. It is no longer his to measure for I now control this seemingly important facet of his life. All shall enter into a state of timelessness being an interval of non- time. This fast approaching event will be the culminating event which shall usher in the great change, the momentous shift that so many are speaking off.

Time is mans’ purchase, poorly used in the endeavour of progress. Yet there has been no real or true progress and time has failed to serve man. Man has become a veritable slave to time which now pinches him for he no longer has time to secure his power as the brewing storm curtails what little time remains. The planet and man is in the midst of great upheaval, the mark of a planetary cycles’ end.

By his own hands man has created and will destroy the efficacy of time. His jaundiced approach bestirs fruitless events and he cannot see that the moments are spent in absolute internal and external mayhem. He fails to use his time in preparation for the ‘coming’ for he believes that he still controls that which he calls time. It is mans’ endearment for control that keeps him bound in regressive states of thinking and will seal his downfall.

WE have warned them dear ones, those whose intransigence is the very rope from which they will seal their fate. They listen not to OUR words. WE have efforted to place out there all manner of warnings but few hear and many ignore. WE the Celestials must now manoeuvre this ship to its next port regardless of the readiness of the masses. For a timetable exist which must be adhered to. Man has been given chances ad infinitum. He must now take responsibility for his actions and choices. I am a compassionate God and the Father, being the Source of All is most compassionate for WE are but ONE. Yet the infestation cannot be allowed to continue lest our innocent ones become infected or defect due to pressures.

What say I to you? Prepare. Know that what impends and now occur on your earth plane is not the wrath of God but the result of mans’ continued disobedience. The outplay of events in your world at this time is merely a transference of mans’ inability to listen and learn. He is fulfilling the prophecies of the wizen ones that came before.

The purse strings of the controllers are empty now and they must raid the temples of others to secure their position of power in the world. They are likened to flees sucking the blood of the innocent and defenceless. Let them heed these words- WHAT YOU DO SHALL BE DONE UNTO YOU. This law you will not be able to escape from.

Man has plagiarised the stories of the olden civilisations by re-writing the script; for yet again another must come to an end for want of man’s integrity, abuse and impoverishment of spirit. I declare here and now that this shall be the last time, for the VOICE has spoken and the righteous and awakened shall be led out of bondage into the land of true life. I am coming to meet you, to seal our union with the remembrance of ME, to take you to a brand new level of understanding. Yes my children light shall shine once again on your planet and the tears will cease to flow. But I must admonish that before this time you will witness the end of the old through destruction and collapse. All that must go will turn to sand and be blown away by the heavy winds of celestial encounter. You are living now in this time. There is no more time left beloveds; for these last days have assumed a speed which portends the end of time as you know it. WATCH THE SAND TIMER AS THE GRAINS BECOME FEWER AND MAN BECOMES DEPRIVED OF TIME.

Every little moment now should be cherished in learning, observing and reuniting with ME from within. Prepare yourselves for ME; for I am coming. I ask that in the remaining season that you hold on tightly to your spirit’s anchoring that you may brave the harsh winds and energies around you now. Allow ME to be your effort, your strength and you shall remain standing.

I AM Christ Michael Aton. For those who can discern divinely read these MY words and find the untold message within. The truth WE cannot fully disclose at this time for you WE must preserve.

My seal I place hereto that you may know that I AM ALL AND ONE IN THE TIMELESSNESS THAT IS CREATION .


Thru Hazel

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