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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


"Greetings, Beloved Family! This is a time in your history/herstory where, no matter what country you reside in, there is a worldwide focus upon war, that is, upon remembering those who fought and left their human bodies upon some battlefield or other. There is much talk about honor, patriotism and sacrifice, and it is to remember that these honored ones fought with those concepts in their Hearts. They were told by their rulers that they were defending their countries and families, or that they would become richer in some way if they conquered another land. And, in many cases, indeed their lands had been invaded, or their rights and freedoms had been usurped, but this was all calculated to manipulate them into going into battle.
"Well, of course you all know the truth behind the glowing exhortations and expressions of togetherness in the bunkers. This is not to disparage the military commanders, who were following the orders given to them. This is simply a reflection back to society of where Planet Earth has been in its consciousness. Greed has been the motivation behind the bloody scenes, and fear has played a predominant role in the race to arms.
"Beloved Family, you all know the war stories - indeed, many of you have participated in the most recent wars, and you have all been present on one or more battlefields in other lifetimes if not in this one! And you have done so with the most honorable of intentions, with the purest of Love for your homelands and families. And you have all sacrificed in some way, whether you bear the physical scars of war or not. So, be proud of your intentions when you served, as we salute you and honor you for your braveries. Now is the time to remember the greatest wisdom of war, which is that Peace is the only true and lasting answer!
"Thus we honor you in this today of your time as Warriors of Peace, for it is to secure the 'Peace That Passeth All Understanding' which is the foundation of the mission we all share. It is to march together to show the way of the truly free and sovereign lifestyle, by personal example, and by teaching others as they begin to understand the true reasons that wars have been fought, and to question those who are directing those activities from way, way behind the scenes.
"This is not a call to arms, but rather a call to Hearts, and you, Beloved Family, stand with us on the front line of this mission! Now, as we near the 'finish line' -the ending of all wars upon this ascending Planet - let us come together to co-create an even higher level of Peace Consciousness. We shall reach out from the highest levels yet, as we join together in an Exercise for Peace, and we shall turn up the Lights even more as we feel the Great Peace on Earth throughout our fields of energy!!! Salut!"

Given through Susan Leland, May 30, 2011.


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